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Aerospatiale Gazelle

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SA 342M Gazelle Specifications

    Primary Function:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
Astazou turboshaft
860 h.p.
39 ft. 3 in.
10 ft. 4 in.
34 ft. 5 in.
2,000 lbs.
4,620 lbs.
164 mph
192 mph
2,400 fpm
13,450 feet
415 miles

Aerospatiale Gazelle
Aerospatiale Gazelle

The Aerospatiale Gazelle is known for its versatility, economy of operation, and reliability. It serves in both military and civilian roles including advanced training, executive transportation, scout, and anti-tank. Pilots appreciate its speed and response to control inputs.

The Gazelle has excellent high altitude abilities making it popular in the high mountains. The lightweight helicopter set three speed records while still in the prototype stage. It remains among the quickest helicopters in its class.

The French army first commissioned the original Gazelle as an observation helicopter. Westland started producing Gazelle helicopters for Great Britain under license in 1970. The helicopter was upgraded with a more powerful engine and avionics in 1976.

The Gazelle served for both France and Great Britain during the Gulf War. The French equip their helicopters with a 20 mm cannon and guided missiles for use in the anti tank role. The primary function of British Gazelles are as unarmed scouts and spotter helicopters. Iraq had utilized Gazelle helicopters in their war with Iran. They have also seen action in the Falkland War, and in Bosnia.

Gazelle helicopter pilots have individual controls and a common instrument panel. Its rotor head is rated for aerobatic maneuvers, including loops. The rotors are fiberglass composite, three bladed. The helicopter features a Fenestron tail section for greater maneuverability, rotor protection, and reduced noise.

Gazelle helicopters serve in numerous countries around the world, with Britain and France being the primary users. They have been seen in air shows performing with the British Blue Eagles air team.  Over 1,800 Aerospatiale Gazelle helicopters have been produced to date.

Aerospatiale Gazelle
Aerospatiale Gazelle - Hirobo.

The Aerospatiale Gazelle from Hirobo has a rotor diameter of 62", length of 56" and engine size of .60 - .61, with weight around 11 1/2 lbs.

All of the following pictures are of the Aerospatiale Gazelle fuselage from Cine Scale. The kit has a nine part glass fuse that includes windows, aluminum skids, and the Fenstron tail. It is 94 1/2" long, 14 1/2" wide, and 27 1/2" high.

Aerospatiale Gazelle
Aerospatiale Gazelle - Cine Scale

Aerospatiale Gazelle
Aerospatiale Gazelle -detail

Aerospatiale Gazelle
Aerospatiale Gazelle - cockpit

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