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Anderson Kingfisher
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Cruise:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
Lycoming 4 cyl.
115 hp.
23' 6"
36' 6 "
1,090 lbs.
1,600 lbs.
20 U.S. gals.
90 mph
120 mph
600 fpm
10,000 feet
200 miles

The Anderson EA-1 Kingfisher is sold as plans for a home built twin place aircraft with a flying boat hull, capable of operating from land or water. The aircraft is heaver than an ultra light.

The hull of the aircraft is made from fiberglass covered mahogany plywood, with wings from the Piper Cub. The tail section is fabric covered metal.

Engines of different power than the 115 hp Lycoming have been tried for powering the Anderson Kingfisher, but none have proven as suitable a match for both performance and economy.

The designer of the aircraft is Earl Anderson, who formed Anderson Aircraft Corp. It is reported that over 600 aircraft plans have been sold throughout the world. Over 200 Anderson Kingfisher aircraft are said to have been built with twenty currently flying in the United States.

Anderson Kingfisher
Anderson Kingfisher built by Don Coulter.

The Anderson Kingfisher built by Don Coulter is of all wood construction. It has a 108" wingspan and is 70" long. The airplane is equipped with retracts. Don powers his Anderson Kingfisher with a Saito 182 four cycle twin cylinder engine. Weight is about 16 lbs.

Park Scale Models carries Anderson Kingfisher kits. Wingspan is 49" and length is 31". It is of all wood construction and will fly with a Speed 450 size motor. Weight is about 2 lbs.

Fly RC Magazine has plans for the Anderson Kingfisher that build to a 108" wingspan. It can be powered by .90 two cycle or 1.20 four cycle engines.

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