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Armstrong Whitworth Siskin

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Siskin IIIA Specifications

   Primary Function:
   Weight Empty:
   Max. Weight:
   Machine Guns:
   Cruise Speed:
   Max. Speed:
   Climb Rate:
   First Flight:
   Year Deployed:
AS Jaguar IV
450 h.p.
2,060 lbs.
3,010 lbs.
2- 7.7 mm
25 ft. 4 in.
33 ft. 2 in.
124 mph
156 mph
1,580 fpm
27,000 feet
250 miles

The Armstrong Whitworth Siskin design dates back to 1919 with the Siddeley Deasy S.R. 2 Sisken. It was manufactured by the parent company of Armstrong Whitworth.  The aircraft was made primarily of wood.

Eventually the British Air Ministry no longer wanted wooden fighter aircraft. Therefore the Sisken was redesigned in 1925 and became the first all metal fighter aircraft of the Royal Air Force.

Advanced models used a more powerful supercharged engine for better high altitude performance. These aircraft first flew in October of 1925. Some 465 were built.

Siskin aircraft equipped eleven squadrons in Great Britain. Canada and Estonia also flew them.

The Armstrong Whitworth Siskin served in the British Royal Air Force through October of 1932 and with the Royal Canadian Air Force through 1939.

Armstrong Whitworth Siskin
Armstrong Whitworth Siskin - MRDJ

It appears that there are not many Armstrong Whitworth Siskin radio control airplanes modeled. In fact, we could only find one example and it is pictured above.

Builder of the Armstrong Whitworth Siskin is MRDJ who belongs to RC Groups. The airplane has wingspan of 40". An Eflite 480 motor geared 4:1 swinging an 11 x 8 propeller pulls it. All up weight is a little under 2 lbs.

Immediately below is the 1/72 scale Armstrong Whitworth Siskin model airplane from Matchbox. It was built by Richard Stracey.

Sams Models has plans for a 13" wingspan Armstrong Whitworth Siskin free flight scale model.

The last picture on this page is of the great looking Armstrong Whitworth Siskin on exhibit at the 2005 Scale Model World show. If you know who built it or have any additional information about it, please let us know.

Please send us an email regarding your favorite Armstrong Whitworth Siskin.

Armstrong Whitworth Siskin
Armstrong Whitworth Siskin - Matchbox.

Armstrong Whitworth Siskin
Armstrong Whitworth Siskin - Scale Model World