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RAAF Roulettes
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The RAAF Roulettes Autralian aerobatic team flew the Aermacchi MB326H aircraft from its inception until 1989.   At that time the MB326H was replaced with the Pilatus PC-9A aircraft which are used by the Roulettes to this date.

On December 17, 1970 the RAAF Roulettes appeared in their very first air show.  Since then, they have appeared thousands of times, before millions of fans.

The RAAF Roulettes team was named after a popular flight routine called "the roulette."  The maneuver is performed by a pair of aircraft, one flying clockwise, the other in the opposite direction, in a large horizontal circle.   At one point the two aircraft cross horizontally and dramatically at the show center.

Click here for specifications, pictures, and the wav sound of the PC-9.

The RAAF Roulettes PC-9 from NitroPlanes.

Pictured right above is the 72 1/2" wingspan RAAF Roulettes PC-9 from NitroPlanes.

Pictured immediately below is the RAAF Roulettes PC-9 built by Chris Walker.  It is from a Umar kit.  Wingspan is 58".  Chris powers his RAAF Roulettes PC-9 with a O.S. .46 engine.  All up weight is 5 1/2 lbs.

Pictured last on this page is the rc RAAF Roulettes PC-9 for sale by Ultra Fly. Wing span is 31 1/2", length is 31" and all up weight is around 19 oz. Recommended motor is a Ultra Fly Frio 9.

Seagull models has a RAAF Roulettes PC-9 for sale with a 63" wingspan.  It will take .40 - .46 2 stroke or .52 4 stroke engines up front. Completed weight should be around five or six pounds.

For those who like a RAAF Roulettes PC-9 slope soarer, Cantebury Sailplanes has one for sale.  The model has a 48" wingspan and two channel controls.  All up weight is around 1 1/2 lbs.

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RAAF Roulettes PC-9 from Ultra Fly.

Chris Walker's RAAF Roulettes PC-9.