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Avro CF-105 Arrow

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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Climb Rate:
        First Flight:
P&W J75
2 x 23,500 lbs. ea.
49,000 lbs.
68,600 lbs.
77 ft. 9 in.
50 ft.
590 mph
1,300 mph
45,000 fpm
60,000 feet
400 miles

Avro CF-105 Arrow
Avro CF-105 Arrow

Avro CF-105 Arrow aircraft were designed as interceptors.

They utilized a thin, delta wing design for high strength, easy construction, high fuel capacity, and good supersonic speed performance.

The aircraft controls were actuated by an early design, computerized, three axis fly by wire system.

Avro CF-105 Arrow weapons, consisting of rockets and missiles, would be stored in an internal bay in the belly of the aircraft.

The aircraft would be guided to its target by a computer controlled radar system.

Five prototype Avro CF-105 Arrow aircraft were produced.

During its first flight on March 25, 1958, performance of the prototype aircraft was beyond expectations. Only a few minor glitches were found, which were easily correctable.

On its second flight the Avro CF-105 Arrow exceeded 1,000 mph. The aircraft was expected to break existing world performance records during further testing.

On February 20, 1959, the Avro CF-105 Arrow aircraft project was canceled.  Factors said to contribute to the cancellation include defense project spending cuts, a belief that missiles and not aircraft would be capable of defending against enemy bombers, and the availability of fully developed American supersonic aircraft.

Avro CF-105 Arrow
Avro CF-105 Arrow - RT Models

Pictured above is the Avro CF-105 Arrow from RT Models. It has a wingspan of 57 1/2" and a length of 52". Designer of the model is Anton Eisele. It is powered by a Mega 22/30/3 motor turning a pusher prop. Plans or a short kit are available. All up weight is between 5 1/2 and 7 lbs.

The first picture below is a Bob Parkinson Jets kit build of the Avro CF-105 Arrow. Its wingspan is 50" and length is 66". You will need a .65 to .91 engine turning a Byro fan unit for power. Weight is about 11 lbs.

The next picture below is of the Avro CF-105 Arrow from KMP. It is a EDF with a wingspan of 28 1/2" and a length of 42". The fuselage is all glass and wings are balsa and ply. Power can come from a 4700 kV motor turning a 70 mm EDF unit. Weight is only about 24 oz.

RT Models also has plans or a short kit for a 35" wingspan Avro CF-105 Arrow. It is 41" long. You can power it with a Phasor 15/4 motor. Weight is about 25 oz.

Parkjets has plans for a Avro CF-105 Arrow with a 25" wingspan. Recommended power are two GWS EDF 50 units turned by Feigao motors.

Parkjets also has plans for a pusher prop Avro CF-105 Arrow shown in the last picture on this page. Wingspan is 27" and length is 35". Suggested power is a GWS 350 motor turning a 9 x 7 pusher propeller.

Svenson's Free Plans has plans on line for a pusher propeller powered Avro CF-105 Arrow. It has a wingspan of 21" and a length of 33".

There is a posting to RC Groups from Larry Baraniuk about a 1/20 scale Avro CF-105 Arrow. No wingspan, length, or weight is given. Power is by twin Himax 5300 motors turning 50 mm fan units.

Spirit of Yesterday has a Avro CF-105 Arrow kit with a wingspan of 22" and a weight of about 14 oz. powered by a 400 size motor. Although no longer in business, we have seen them for sale on eBay.

There is a line drawing for a Avro CF-105 Arrow posted by Doug B on RC Groups.

Mark DIMonte has plans for the Avro CF-105 Arrow. It is designed for a .45 2C engine and pusher prop. No specifications are givenfor wingspan, length, or weight.

At RC Groups there is a thread started by theduce aka John about an Avro CF-105 Arrow he is building. Its wingspan is 44" and length is 65". Power is by a Scorpion motor and pusher prop.

We are sad to hear that Mike Emilio at RC Canada is unable to proceed with his long time Avro CF-105 Arrow project and it is now for sale.

Have you built a Avro CF-105 Arrow or know of one? If you do, please email us.

Avro CF-105 Arrow
Avro CF-105 Arrow - Bob Parkinson Jets

Avro CF-105 Arrow
Avro CF-105 Arrow - KMP

Avro CF-105 Arrow
Avro CF-105 Arrow - Parkjets plans