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Avro Lancaster

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    Primary Function:
    Empty Weight:
    Max Weight:
    Machine Guns:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
heavy bomber
RR Merlin
4 x 1,460 hp. ea.
36,900 lbs.
68,000 lbs.
6 x .303 /2 x .50
14,000 lbs.
69 ft. 4 in.
102 ft.
210 mph
285 mph
500 fpm
24,500 feet
2,500 miles

The prototype Avro Lancaster utilized a longer wing than its predecessor and was powered by Merlin engines. It flew on January 9, 1941. After a number of promising prototype test flights, the production aircraft first took to the air on May 13, 1941. It had only some minor modifications to the prototype aircraft.

Early model Avro Lancaster aircraft carried a maximum of 14,000 lbs. of ordnance. However, later models had their bomb bay doors modified to accommodate a single 22,000 lb. Grand Slam.

Eventually the aircraft were equipped with Merlin engines which were manufactured by the U.S. Packard Motor Corp. That was because Rolls Royce engine production reached maximum levels with many of their engines going into fighter aircraft.

The Avro Lancaster may best be remembered for the Dam buster raids and the German battleship Tripitz missions.

During World War II the bombers were supplied to some 57 English squadrons. They flew 156,192 missions and dropped over 608,000 tons of ordnance.

Although the RAF stopped using them by 1963, some of the aircraft were still flying operationally into the eighties.

A total of 7,377 Avro Lancaster bombers of all types were produced from Oct. 1941 through Oct. of 1945.

Radio Control Airplane
Avro Lancaster
1. RC Avro Lancaster by Westfieldmc.

Radio Control Airplanes

1. Scratch built rc Avro Lancaster by Westfieldmc of RC Groups.

2. Nice looking rc Avro Lancaster scratch built by Allard of RC Groups.  It is 1:9 scale and has a 12 foot wingspan.

3. Allard and his friend Andy holding the Avro Lancaster rc.

4. The rc Avro Lancaster from Ivan's Plans. Ivan Pettigrew scratch built the 102" wingspan RC airplane. It is powered by four geared 05 high performance brushed motors.

5. The magnificent rc Avro Lancaster built by Carl Bachhuber. Its wingspan is 14' 2" with power from four Zeonah G-23 engines. The bright covering is polyester Mylar metal tape.

Avro Lancaster
2. RC Avro Lancaster by Allard.

Avro Lancaster
3. Allard and Andy with their Lancaster rc.

Avro Lancaster
4. RC Avro Lancaster from Ivan's Plans.

Avro Lancaster
5. Carl Bachhuber's rc Avro Lancaster.

Tony Nijuis has plans or a short kit for sale of the rc Avro Lancaster. It has a wingspan of 72" with a length of 51". Brushless motors are recommended to power the 6 1/2 lb. model.

Green Air Designs has a rc Avro Lancaster made primarily from Depron. Its wingspan is 62". It will fly with Speed 300 or 400 size motors.

Kit Cutters has four sizes of rc Avro Lancaster radio control airplanes for sale as plans or kits. They are all from Nexus plans. Their 52" and 90" wingspan models are for engine power while their 63" and 74" wingspan models are made for electric power.

You can find plans for a rc Avro Lancaster from AMA Plans Service. It is a scale model and has a wingspan of 90". The AMA plans show the rc airplane as gas powered, however, it can be converted to electric power.

Pete Claussman has a giant scale Avro Lancaster. It has a wingspan of 101" and uses four Mega electric motors for power.

Greg Crainsteen built a Avro Lancaster rc airplane. Its wingspan is 91", with power from OS 25's. All up weight is around 19 lbs.

Rob Carlson scratch built his giant scale Avro Lancaster.  Its wingspan is 172" with power from G 23 engines.

At keith-howlette.co.uk you can find pictures and a description of a rc Avro Lancaster kit for sale from Priory Models.

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