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BD-5 For Sale
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BD-5 for sale
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Fuel Capacity:
    Stall Speed:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    Takeoff Distance:
    Landing Distance:
    Year Deployed:

1- 326 lbs.
432 lbs.
860 lbs.
36 gals.
5 ft. 7 in.
12 ft. 5 in.
17 ft.
67 mph
240 mph
300 mph
2,400 fpm
1,800 feet
1,000 feet
26,000 feet
400 miles

BD-5 for sale
BD-5 For Sale

The BD-5 for sale from Skymaster has a 88" wingspan with a 64" length and is of all composite construction. It needs 15 lb to 17 lb turbines for power. All up weight is around 17 lbs.

The world's smallest jet aircraft, the BD-5 is a single seat home built kit that was introduced in the early 1970s by Bede Aircraft. Few of the kits were completed after the company's bankruptcy in the mid 1970s due to the failure to deliver reliable engines.

BD-5 For Sale
BD-5 For Sale

The BD-5 for sale from Windrider is a foamy with a wingspan of 37". Included with the RTF is a motor with controller turning a 60 mm fan unit, flight battery, and servos.  Weight is about 28 oz.

Windrider has a larger BD-5 for sale of all composite construction. It has a 47" wingspan, includes retractable landing gear, and needs your motor and 90 mm fan unit for power.

The micro jet airplane used a Microturbo TRS-18 turbojet engine that was manufactured in France, and in the U.S. under license from Microturbo.

It is estimated that there are some 150 airworthy BD-5 aircraft, of which around 30 are actively flying.

BD-5 For Sale
BD-5 For Sale

The BD-5 for sale from Jet Mart USA has a wingspan of 68", is 48" long and weighs around 11 lbs.  From .90 to 1.09 engines can power it.

The BD-5 holds the Guinness world record for smallest jet propelled aircraft.

BD-5 For Sale
BD-5 For Sale

Sean Cassidy, Champaign, IL sent in the above photo and next two photos below of his BD-5 for sale on its test flight. It has a wingspan of 103" and a full flying stab. For power Sean uses a P-120 turbine producing 27 lbs. of thrust. All up weight is 45 lbs.

BD-5 For Sale
BD-5 For Sale

BD-5 For Sale
BD-5 For Sale

BD-5 For Sale
BD-5 For Sale

The BD-5 for sale by Balsa Builders is a kit made from Depron that has a 35" wingspan with a weight of about 20 oz. You can use a Speed 400 size motor to power it.

Balsaworx has a BD-5 for sale in a kit. It is 20% scale and can be powered by a 69 mm electric ducted fan, or a pusher prop.

The BD-5 for sale by HobbyKing has a wingspan of 47" and is 43" long. It has a glass fibre fuse with balsawood wings.  Flaps are included and there are provisions for retractable landing gear. It needs your motor and a 90 mm fan unit.

Cermark has a BD-5 for sale with a wingspan of 44" and a length of 30". Its fuse is glassfibre and all up weight is 20 - 26 oz. depending on the battery used to power it. Recommended motor is a CEM 2815-1420.

The BD-5 for sale from YF RC Model has a wingspan of 43" and length is 30". YF recommends a 380 size motor for power.

We had the opportunity to build and fly two BD-5 slope soarers. The BD-5 for sale by SR Hobbies had performance that was about average. The other BD-5 for sale by MAD Aircraft design was one of the most fun to fly radio control airplanes we have ever had! Unfortunately, it appears that both companies are no longer in business.

We have seen postings about a ducted fan BD-5 for sale on RC Universe, but there wasn't any manufacturer given.

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