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    US$ Cost:
    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Fuel Capacity:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Cruise:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
$1.2 million
executive transport
Teledyne IO-550-C
2 x 300 hp ea.
3,880 lbs.
5,500 lbs.
1,164 lbs.
1 pilot + 5 passengers
29 ft. 10 in.
37 ft. 10 in.
200 mph
232 mph
1,700 fpm
20,700 feet
1,500+ miles

Beechcraft Baron For Sale
Beechcraft Baron For Sale
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We have pictures, descriptions, and specifications of fifteen Beechcraft Baron aircraft for sale including radio control airplanes.

Beechcraft Baron For Sale Carolina
Beechcraft Baron For Sale

The 2007 Beechcraft Baron for sale by Carolina Aircraft (N70VP) is a one owner aircraft. It only has 840 hours total time on its airframe and engines with its last annual in August of 2013. Its front storage compartment can hold up to 300 lbs of luggage. Its original paint is in factory new condition. The aircraft can fly in known ice conditions. It has a 194 gallon fuel capacity, with G1000 avionics suite and Garmin auto pilot. The rear club doors provide easy access to the "as new" spacious rear seating, with leather chairs and a mahogany table.

Beechcraft Baron For Sale International
Beechcraft Baron For Sale

The 1979 Beechcraft Baron for sale by International Aviation Marketing (N200RT) has 4,750 total airframe hours. Engines are TSIO-520-WB. L engine 560 hrs. SFRM and R engine 3075 hrs STOH. Last annual was in November 2014. Painted in 2012, new interior seats and carpeting 2005. Avionics are Collins, Century, King, Garmin, Bendix, and Shadin.

Beechcraft Baron For Sale Global
Beechcraft Baron For Sale

The 1983 Beechcraft Baron for sale by Global Flight Research (N583MB) has 2,723 total airframe hours, with both engines 1,124 hours since major overhaul. It has always been hangared. A new windshield was installed in January of 2014. Avionics include KFC 200, Sandel, Garmin, and WX 500.

Beechcraft Baron For Sale MR
Beechcraft Baron For Sale

There is a Beechcraft Baron for sale by MR Modelisimo. It is made from styrofoam with a wingspan of 63" and length of 43". For power, 1100 kV motors are recommended. Building and flying of this airplane are for experienced RC pilots.

Marutaka Model Beechcraft Baron For Sale
Beechcraft Baron For Sale

In the photos above and right below is the nice looking Beechcraft Baron for sale from the Marutake Model Co. It was built by Zimmerman of RC Groups. Although the company is no longer in business, the model can sometimes be found for sale on eBay and aviation websites. Wingspan is 70" and power comes from Hacker B40 13L motors geared 4.4:1. Weight is around 7 3/4 lbs.

The Beechcraft Baron for sale has been flying since 1970. It is basically a Bonanza with two engines, a greater wingspan and longer fuselage. Today's Baron has more powerful, efficient engines, an all glass cockpit, and the latest avionics.

Zimmerman's Beechcraft Baron
Beechcraft Baron For Sale

We are told that the Beechcraft Baron for sale is the fastest aircraft in its class with a 232 mph speed and the ability to fly over 1,500 miles without refueling. Of course, both of these maximums can not be done simultaneously. Traveling at maximum speed reduces range as does having more than a single person aboard.

Beechcraft Baron for sale by Scale Flying.com.
Beechcraft Baron For Sale

The Beechcraft Baron for sale from Scale Flying.com comes almost ready to fly and has a wingspan of 76 1/2" a length of 61", and a epoxy fuselage with b/u balsa wings. Engines can be from .32 to .46 two cycle or electric. Weight is around 12 lbs.

Maximum fuel capacity for the Beechcraft Baron for sale is about 1,164 lbs. In a typically equipped aircraft that leaves room for about 300 lbs. of people and baggage. Carrying any more passengers means a decrease in range as the amount of fuel taken on board will have to be reduced accordingly.

Beechcraft Baron For Sale Kowalski
Beechcraft Baron For Sale

The rc Beechcraft Baron built by R. Kowalski of RC Groups from three view drawings wingspan is 35", length is 26", motors are Speed 280 type, and weight is just 13 oz.

With average size people in all six seats, plus their luggage, figure on filling up with no more than about 350 lbs. of fuel. That will keep you in the air for about 75 minutes, with reserve, at a typical fuel use rate of about 200 lbs. per hour.

Long time Beechcraft Baron pilots tell us of loading the aircraft at 1,000 lbs. above recommended weight. Control response was a little slower, but without any serious degradation in handling characteristics.

Beechcraft Baron For Sale Fujio
Beechcraft Baron For Sale

Fujio of RC Groups posted a build thread and link to plans for the rc Beechcraft Baron pictured just above. It is made from balsa and has a 21" wingspan with a 16" length. Power comes from twin N20 motors geared 1.5:1.

Pilots appreciate the solid, responsive feel of the Beechcraft Baron, its go where you point it handling, high cruise speed, and good rate of climb.

Beechcraft Baron For Sale Finegold
Beechcraft Baron For Sale

The rc Beechcraft Baron scratch built by Bill Finegold has a 72" wingspan and is 59" long. Construction is balsa and plywood. Bill added retracts, navigation lights, and working flaps to his rc Beechcraft Baron. He powers it with a pair of OS .46 engines turning three blade props capped with polished aluminum spinners. Weight, all up, is about 12 lbs.

The placement of the fuel tanks on the center of gravity of the Beechcraft Baron means that no trim adjustments are necessary as fuel is consumed. The de-icing system is effective and the new big glass cockpit displays get rave reviews.

IFR flying in the Beechcraft Baron is comfortable with firm, well coordinated controls. When used in conjunction with the new displays, keeping the aircraft properly oriented becomes second nature.

Beechcraft Baron For Sale RC Aerodyne
Beechcraft Baron For Sale

RC Aerodyne's Beechcraft Baron for sale has a wingspan of 75 1/2" and a length of 61". Its fuselage is made from epoxy, and its wings are made from balsa. Retractable landing gear are included with it. You can power it with .32 to .46 two stroke engines or electric motors. All up weight will be around 13 1/2 lbs.

From final approach through flare and landing, the landing gear position and excellent controls makes greasing the Beechcraft Baron onto the runway a breeze.

In early 2009 the Beechcraft Baron was certified for operation in Europe. Over 7,000 Beechcraft Baron aircraft of all types have been produced to date.

Beechcraft Baron For Sale Byron
Beechcraft Baron For Sale

Old Model Kits.com has a Beechcraft Baron for sale from a Byron kit. It has a 75" wingspan with a 58" length. The fuselage is glass fibre and wings are foam. All up weight should be around 10 1/2 lbs.

NitroPlanes has a Beechcraft Baron for sale that can use engine or motor power.

RC-Royal.com has plans for a Beechcraft Baron for sale. Wingspan is 70 1/2" and length is 52". The model is made from balsa and ply and has provisions for flaps and retractable landing gear. Engines are from .35 to .50.

The Air Age Store.com has plans for a Beechcraft Baron for sale designed by George E. Caldwell. Its wingspan is 48" and length is 29". Power is from a pair of .10 engines.

The AMA Plans Service has plans for a Royal Products Beechcraft Baron for sale. It has a 71" wingspan and is made for engine power. Plan is no. 26601.

Please email us if you know of any other Beechcraft Baron for sale that should be here.