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Bell 212
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Bell 212 ASW Specifications

    Primary Function:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
maritime strike
P&W PT6T-6
1,875 h.p.
57 ft.
14 ft. 10 in.
48 ft.
7,524 lbs.
11,154 lbs.
120 mph
149 mph
1,300 fpm
10,500 feet
5 hours

The mid size Bell 212 for sale, known as the Twin Huey, is a more powerful, longer version of the model 205. Its smaller military version became famous during the Vietnam war. It is known for its excellent power train, reliability, and versatility.

The power plant of the Bell 212 is comprised of a pair of Pratt & Whitney Canada PT-6 turbine engines, linked to the rotors through a single gearbox. This gives the Twin Huey helicopter the ability to operate, even at full loads, with one engine out. The engine of the maritime version of the helicopter has anti corrosive protection.

The cabin of the Bell 212, depending on its mission, can hold two pilots, two crew, up to seven passengers, or four stretchers. To lessen drag on helicopters equipped with floats, they are deflated. In an emergency on board compressed air bottles are activated to inflate them. The helicopter can be equipped with an automatic flight control system capable of maintaining cruise or hover.

Agusta produces the maritime strike version of the 212 under license in Italy. The 212 ASW is capable of all weather operations and is used for both anti-surface vessel and anti-submarine warfare. The helicopter can be distinguished from other models by its prominent dome that houses a search radar. The radar has a range of about 90 miles. The helicopter is also equipped with submarine sensors and a dipping sonar. In the attack role it can carry homing torpedoes, depth charges, or missiles.

In addition to Italy, Greece, Iran, Peru, Spain, Turkey, and Venezuela have all purchased the maritime machine.

Bell 212

Civilian Bell 212 water bombing.

Civilian versions of the Bell 212 have been equipped with a 300 gallon belly tank. They are popular water bombers in Canada and the United States.

Bell 212
RC Bell 212 for sale from Just Scale NZ.  It is sold as a fuselage kit or complete with Z G26 engine and rotor blades. The fuselage is fiberglass and measures 64 1/2" in length and 12 1/2" high. It uses a 71" rotor.

The Bell 212 for sale is a popular model. You have a choice of several sizes and types of power. We haven't seen any ASW helicopters modeled yet.

The first picture just above is of a rc Bell 212 for sale from Just Scale NZ.

Not pictured is the rc Bell 212 for sale as a fuselage for Blade CX and Lama from Raptor blade.com.

Pictured immediately below is the rc Bell 212 fuselage for turbine power.

Pictured next is a Baumann rc Bell 212 fuselage.

Hirobo, Graupner, and Scale House Helicopters had rc Bell 212 fuselages. You can occasionally find them for sale on eBay.

The last picture is of a nice looking rc Bell 212 fuselage for sale from Vario.

Bell 212 for sale as a fuselage from Vario for turbine power.  It comes in a total of 15 pieces. Length is 85", height is 16" and rotor diameter is 93".

Bell 212 for sale as a fuselage by Baumann.  It is made of epoxy and can be used for glow or gasoline power. Length is 61 1/2", width is 9 1/2" and height is 15 1/2".  For .60 to .90 glow or 23 to 26 cc gasoline engines.

The Bell 212 for sale as a fuselage from Vario. The 11 piece kit is available in Benzin or Sky Fox versions. Length is 65 1/2", height 13 1/2", and rotor length is 71".

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