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Bell UH-1Y

Bell UH-1Y
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Fuel Capacity:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Avg. Cruise Speed:
    Max. Cruise Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
one to three
GE T700-GE-401C
2 x 1,828 shp ea.
11,840 lbs.
18,500 lbs.
2,113 lbs.
2,182 lbs.
58' 4"
14' 7"
48' 10"
155 mph
189 mph
2,500 fpm
20,000 feet
430 miles

The Bell UH-1Y helicopter is the latest in the line of the most widely produced helicopters in the Western world today. The original Huey became famous for its role during the Vietnam war.

The model "Y" is slated to replace aging "N" model helicopters. The new helicopters are used by the United States Marines and are already seeing action in Afghanistan.

The Bell UH-1Y was originally conceived as a refitted "N" model with a number of upgrades. However, it was decided to produce it as a new helicopter. The upgrades to the helicopter became necessary as additional weight was added to the original Huey airframe. When more demands were put on it with increased avionics, weapons, and armor, its speed, range, and payload were reduced.

At first glance the new UH-1Y model can be distinguished from prior models by its four blade main rotor. Sharp eyed observers will notice that the forward fuselage is about two feet longer than its predecessor. Other changes are a stronger airframe, improving maneuverability, and hardened fuselage components providing greater protection to its crew and passengers.

More powerful engines in the UH-1Y provide greater speed, and additional payload capacity. More modern avionics include an all glass cockpit, forward looking infra red imaging systems, and electronic counter measure abilities. There are new, larger fuel tanks which can withstand greater impacts. New seating is designed to offer the greatest possible impact protection of any helicopter in operation today. Overall engine vibrations have been decreased.

Along with all of the improvements of the new helicopter comes more reliability. The UH-1Y incorporates a series of sensors to provide its crew with the latest maintenance detection available. Major components of the helicopter can be more easily reached through access hatches and doors. The mean time between failure rate of most major components has been extended. Most of the parts of the new helicopter are shared with its predecessor.

The USMC has ordered 123 Bell UH-1Y helicopters, of which some 45 have been manufactured to date.

Bell UH-1Y

XHeli RC Helicopter usually has the latest in Bell UH-1Y helicopter fuselages and are worth checking out.

Check out Run Ryder under scale model helicopters for a Bell UH-1Y Thunder Tiger helicopter built, plus lots of other threads about the rc helicopter.

The picture immediately above and the first two pictures below are of the nice looking Bell UH-1Y helicopter for sale by Thunder Tiger.  The fuselage fits Raptor 50 mechanics and is made from fiberglass.  Length is 53 1/2", width is 9", and height is 15 1/2".  Weight is around 15 1/2 lbs.

The final picture below is of the Bell UH-1Y helicopter fuselage from High Torque.  It fits micro helicopter mechanics.

If you are looking for high quality Bell UH-1Y helicopters you may want to check out the fuselage kit from Vario.  It is 67" long and 13" wide.

Check out Darth's Helibodies for their latest fuselages. We are hoping to see a Bell UH-1Y from them soon.

Century has a Bell UH-1Y fuselage that is 56" long, 10" high, and 11" wide for .60 to .90 engines. Weight is around 12 lbs.

HeliArtists is another company producing Bell UH-1Y fuselages in 500 sizes.

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Bell UH-1Y

Bell UH-1Y

Bell UH-1Y - High Torque.