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Beriev Be-200

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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    Range loaded:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
water bomber
Progress turbofans
2 x 16,530 lbs ea.
60,850 lbs.
90,400 lbs.
26,450 lbs.
105 ft.
107 ft. 7 in.
350 mph
435 mph
3,350 fpm
26,25 feet
1,300 miles

To date, nine Beriev Be-200 "Altair" amphibian aircraft have been built. They are used for water bombing, carrying passengers and cargo.

The aircraft have been used successfully for water bombing in Azerbaijan, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Portugal, and Russia.

The two person crew of the Beriev Be-200 use fly by wire controls in an all glass cockpit, and can fly in all weather conditions, day or night.

The aircraft is made to resist corrosion through the use of composite materials.

The Be-200 was developed primarily as a super scooper type water bomber. It is capable of loading some 3,000 gallons of water during a single 14 second water scoop pass.

The design of the aircraft also allows for it to be configured to accommodate up to 72 passenger seats. It can be equipped with a search radar and electronics for search and rescue, as well as for maritime patrol. Up to 30 stretchers will fit in the fuselage cabin when the Be-200 is fitted as a medical transport.

The Russian government ordered six additional Beriev Be-200 aircraft in May of 2013.

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