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Blue Impulse - Formation

Blue Impulse, the aerobatic team of the Japanese Air Force, featuring six high performance jet aircraft, originated in August of 1960. It has been impressing large audiences with precision aerobatics and dynamic displays ever since. The team is headquartered at Matsushima Air Base.

Blue Impulse
Blue Impulse - F-86 Sabre

North American F-86 Sabres were the first aircraft flown by the Blue Impulse. They thrilled the audiences of the Tokyo Olympics and Osaka International Exposition. The F-86 jets performed through 1982. Find out more about the F-86.

Blue Impulse
Blue Impulse - Mitsubishi T-2
In January of 1982 the F-86 Sabres were replaced by Mitsubishi T-2 supersonic trainer aircraft. The jets were painted in a blue and white tricolor Blue Impulse color scheme. Their smoke generators put out a variety of colors. Find out more about the Mitsubishi T-2.

Blue Impulse
Blue Impulse - Kawasaki T-4

In 1996 the T-2 aircraft were replaced with Kawasaki T-4 training aircraft sporting a new paint scheme. The aircraft used by the Blue Impulse have been modified with reinforced canopies, ground proximity alarms, and smoke generators. These continue to perform to date. Find out more about the T-4.

The Blue Impulse fly exacting maneuvers which show off the abilities of Japanese Air Self Defense Force pilots and their aircraft. Some favorite formations the team performs are the diamond, delta loop, giant heart with an arrow through it, and the precision giant star.

Although the high performance aircraft are the public face of the Blue Impulse, a large group of technicians work hard behind the scenes to keep the aircraft flying. In addition there are support people for travel, personnel, and public relations. It is the coordination of all of the team assets that keeps the Blue Impulse flying.

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