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Boeing 767 For Sale
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767-200ER Specifications

    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Fuel Capacity:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Cruise:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
P&W PW4000-94
2 x 63,300 lbs. ea.
181,600 lbs.
395,000 lbs.
160,660 lbs.
290 (1 class)
159 ft. 2 in.
156 ft. 1 in.
530 mph
567 mph
2,400 fpm
40,000 feet
7,350 miles

Boeing 767 For Sale

Boeing 767 For Sale

The Boeing 767 for sale is made to fill the size niche between their smaller and larger models. It can accommodate up to eight seats across its wide interior.

The Boeing 767 for sale as a freighter differs from other 767 models in that it doesn't have the doors and windows of the passenger aircraft. Its fuselage is made of advanced lightweight materials which deliver greater fuel economy while providing structural strength. Its interior is modified with a fiberglass liner to accommodate cargo, with a bulkhead between the cargo compartment and the cockpit that controls unintended cargo shifting. The aircraft shares the same low noise levels of the passenger models.

It is claimed that the Boeing 767 for sale is so reliable that it is able to spend a maximum of time airborne, keeping non-flying losses low. There are more Boeing 767 aircraft flying between the United States and Europe than any other airliner.

The engines of the aircraft are said to be more efficient than those of other airliners in the same class. We are told that they burn about five percent less fuel and have the least amount of harmful substances released into the air.

In additional to eight air tankers, there are over 1,025 of the Boeing 767 for sale deployed by some 92 airlines throughout the world.

767 Tanker
Boeing 767 For Sale
Italian fighter refueled by 767 tanker.

Italy and Japan have each purchased four Boeing 767 aircraft for sale as air tanker transports. The Italian aircraft are equipped with both boom and hose-drogue refueling systems, the Japanese aircraft with the boom only.

The 767 Tanker Transport being produced for the USAF shares the same fuselage with the 767 200ER model being used by Italy and Japan. However it has the wings of the 767 model 300 plus a newer fuel delivery system. The cockpit controls and engines differ as well. In essence it will be a new aircraft.

According to Boeing, their tanker for the USAF is the best choice for operating in a place where only a smaller tanker aircraft can fit. It can carry one fifth additional fuel, and thirty three percent more cargo than the aircraft now being used by the USAF.

Boeing 767 For Sale
Boeing 767 For Sale - Ripani

The Boeing 767 For Sale built by Cliver Ripani has a 16 1/2 foot wingspan with a length of 17 feet. It was scratch built over 2 1/2 years. Building materials are balsa and plywood. Power comes from a pair of Jet Cat P120 turbine engines. All up weight is 176 lbs.

Boeing 767 For Sale
Boeing 767 For Sale - Noll

Pictured immediately above and below is the Boeing 767 For Sale scratch built by Jason Noll. It has a wingspan of 115" and a length of 111". It has a pair of Neu 1527 motors turning 120 mm fan units for power and weighs about 35 lbs.

Boeing 767 For Sale
Boeing 767 For Sale - fly by

Boeing 767 For Sale
Boeing 767 For Sale - Demondriver

The Boeing 767 For Sale built by Demondriver of RC Groups is a foamy with a 70 1/2" winspan and 70" length. Power comes from 1600 kV motors turning 90mm fans. Weight is around 3 1/2 lbs.

Boeing 767 For Sale
Boeing 767 For Sale - Purdy

The Boeing 767 For Sale with Ross Purdy its builder, and its pilot, Martin Young.

Boeing 767 For Sale
Boeing 767 For Sale - Maier

The Boeing 767 For Sale built by Thomas Maier has a wingspan of 93 1/2", is made from balsa and plywood, and is powered by a pair of Hacker motors turning Aeronaut EDF units.

Scale drawings for the Boeing 767 For Sale are at:  Boeing.com.

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