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Boeing F4B
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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Machine Guns:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
P&W R-1340
550 h.p.
2,350 lbs.
3,600 lbs.
2- .30 or 1- .50 cal.
700 lbs.
20 ft. 1 in.
30 ft.
150 mph
190 mph
1,850 fpm
27,000 feet
370 miles

The Boeing F4B could out perform all existing pursuit aircraft in service at the time. It was the last wooden U.S. biplane fighter. It served throughout the U. S. Navy during the early 1930's. The U.S. Army variant was designated the P-12

The Boeing F4B was innovative in that its fuselage frames were constructed of bolted aluminum tubing, except for the engine mounts and mid-fuselage areas. Previous Boeing aircraft employed welded steel tubing throughout the aircraft. Other differences from prior models were straight rather than tapered wings.

Boeing F4B aircraft were armed with either two .30 cal. or one .50 cal. machine guns. They were located in the top of the nose, firing through the propeller.

The biplane fighters were originally equipped with a 450 h.p. Pratt and Whitney R-1340-7 radial engine. The propeller was metal, two bladed. The pitch of the propeller could be adjusted on the ground. For increased range, a 55 gallon fuel tank was fitted between the landing gear legs. Up to 700 lbs. of bombs could be carried under the wings and fuselage of the aircraft.

Soon after the Boeing F4B entered service, Boeing introduced an aircraft designated the XP-12A. It incorporated improvements for trial based on suggestions by service pilots.

The model B first flew on May 12, 1930. It featured the ailerons tested on the experimental aircraft, revised elevators, and slightly larger wheels. The engine and struts were unchanged. Later, ring cowlings were incorporated into the design. The new airplane didn't perform as well as the original Boeing F4B due to an increase in weight.

The model D first flew on Sept. 15, 1931. The most significant change over the C model was a more powerful 525 hp. Pratt and Whitney R-1340-17 engine.

The final version, designated the model E, first flew as the company owned aircraft Model 218 on Sept. 29, 1930. It was intended as a test aircraft for improvements over the Boeing F4B. model E had a new, high-altitude rated R-1340-D engine.

A total of 586 Boeing F4B aircraft of all types were built. Some remained in service until 1941.

Boeing F4B
Boeing F4B - Chris Bland

The first picture below is of the Boeing F4B from Mammoth Scale Plans. You can find the plans for sale at Bob Holman Plans. It has a 90" wingspan and can be flown with 2 to 3 cid engines. All up weight will be around 23 lbs.

The second picture below is of a Boeing F4B from H.G. Bowers plans. It has a wingspan of 60". They were originally published in RCM Plans. The plans are now available for sale from Precision Cut Kits in addition to RCM.

The last picture below is of the Boeing F4B built by Dave Engle from a kit for sale from Balsa Products. It has a wingspan of 68". Materials used in the kit are a fiberglass cowl, balsa and plywood. Dave powers it with a O.S. 1.6 engine. Weigh is about 13 lbs.

Kit Cutters has a Boeing F4B kit for sale made from Nexus Plans. It has a 42" wingspan.

Kit Cutters sells a Boeing F4B kit from Uncle Willies Plans. It has a 56" wingspan, is 36" long and uses a .60 2C engine.

At Kit Cutters you can find a Boeing F4B kit for sale from Morgan/Novack Plans. Its wingspan is 66" and it uses from .51 to .60 2C engines.

A 60" wingspan Boeing F4B kit is available for sale at Kit Cutters from Dick Katz Plans. It has a length of 39" and uses .60 to 1.20 4C power.

Cleveland Models has plans for sale for a rc Boeing F4B in wingspans of 11 1/2", 15", 23", 31" 46", 61" and a giant scale 92".

At RC Groups prunner posted 3 view drawings for a Boeing F4B.

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Boeing F4B
A Boeing F4B - Mammoth

Boeing F4B
The Boeing F4B - H.G. Bowers

Boeing F4B
Boeing F4B - Dave Engle

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