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Brewster F2A Buffalo

Brewster F2A Buffalo
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       Primary Function:
       Weight Empty:
       Machine Guns:
       Cruise Speed:
       Initial Climb:
       First Flight:
       Year Deployed:
Wright R-1820
1,200 h.p.
26' 0"
35' 0"
4,732 lbs.
7,160 lbs.
4- .50 cal.
160 mph
320 mph
2,300 fpm
33,000 feet
965 miles

The Brewster F2A Buffalo was one of the best fighters in the Finnish air force from 1941 to 1945. There it was designated as the B-239 Taivaan Helmi. The aircraft was designated the F2A by the United States.

In Finnish service Brewster F2A Buffalo aircraft were credited with 496 aircraft victories. They had losses of nineteen aircraft. The top Finnish Brewster F2A Buffalo pilot was Hans Wind who had a total of 39 victories flying his aircraft.

The Finnish Air Force made a number of improvements to their Brewster F2A Buffalo. These included the installation of pilot seat armor and replacing the two .30 cal. machine guns with four of .50 cal. The aircraft gun sights were also improved.

The Brewster F2A Buffalo was the first monoplane fighter aircraft of the United States Navy. Some USMC aircraft saw action in the Battle of Midway where they gained a reputation of one of the worst combat aircraft. It is said that the aircraft were not at fault, but rather inadequate pilot skills. Rather than use its dive speed and toughness, pilots with little experience tried to outmaneuver the highly maneuverable Japanese adversary aircraft.

A total of 509 Brewster F2A Buffalo aircraft of all types were produced.

Brewster Buffalo from Jerry Bates Plans.

All of the pictures on this page are of the great looking Brewster F2A Buffalo with a 105" wingspan built by Mike Selby. He uses a 3W150 twin for power that gives it unlimited vertical performance. Mike describes his Brewster F2A Buffalo as easy to fly. It will take off quickly after a short run. Aileron response is very strong. The flaps are extremely effective in slowing the Brewster F2A Buffalo for a soft landing.

Kit Cutters has the Brewster Buffalo for sale as kits with wingspans of 35", 52" 69", 84" and 104".

We once saw the Brewster Buffalo for sale at Nitro Planes, but do not know if they still have it in stock.

Jerry Bates also has plans for a Brewster F2A Buffalo with a wingspan of 42" that uses .25 - .30 engines and weighs 4 - 6 lbs.

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LipoPilot at Watt Flyer posted plans for a Brewster F2A Buffalo profile model. It has a 30" wingspan, 25" length and weighs around 13 oz.

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Cleveland has plans for the Brewster F2A Buffalo in wingspans of 13", 17", 26", 35", 52", 69" and a giant scale rc Brewster Buffalo of 104".

Brewster F2A Buffalo built from Jerry Bates Plans by Mike Selby.  The plans are available from Kit Cutters.

This Brewster F2A Buffalo from Jerry Bates Plans has a wingspan of 105".  It needs 3.5 to 5.2 engines to power its 35 to 38 lb. weight.

Mike's Brewster F2A Buffalo.

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