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Bristol Blenheim

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Bristol Blenheim IF Specifications

        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Machine Guns:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
Mercury VIII radials
2- 840 h.p. ea.
8,100 lbs.
12,500 lbs.
5- 7.7 mm
1,000 lbs.
39' 9"
56' 4"
200 mph
265 mph
1,400 fpm
27,250 feet
1,125 miles

The Bristol Blenheim was a long range fighter aircraft, a fighter bomber, and a radar equipped night fighter aircraft.

When, in 1935, the Bristol Blenheim was first introduced as a bomber, its speed was greater than many fighter aircraft of the time.

Bristol Blenheim aircraft and their crews served admirably during early World War II.  They were the only aircraft the British had that were suitable for daylight raids during that period. Blenheims flew the first sorties of the war against enemy positions.

Blenheim aircraft served in every RAF command and in every theatre of the war.  They were outclassed and outgunned by Axis fighters and had the highest proportion of loses of any World War II bomber crews.

Blenheims attacked at low levels where they were especially vulnerable to enemy fighters.  Over 200 of the aircraft were lost in the first weeks of the Battle for France.

The Blenheim was the world's first radar interceptor aircraft. On July 28, 1940, one intercepted and dispatched a Luftwaffe aircraft. This was the first ever radar intercept in the history of aviation.  However they were quickly replaced as radar interceptor aircraft when faster, more maneuverable aircraft became available.

The Bristol Blenheim also served as air cover for shipping convoys.

A total of 4,422 of the aircraft were produced.

Bristol Blenheim
Kevin Mullarkey's Bristol Blenheim.

We haven't seen any new Bristol Blenheim kits in the last few years. The last we know of was produced by Balsa Craft and they are no longer in business.

All of the Bristol Blenheimon airplanes on this page, except the last, are of models built from Balsa Craft kits.

The first pictures above and below are of the Bristol Blenheim built from a Balsa Craft kit by Kevin Mullarkey.  In the first picture below you can clearly see details of the underside and landing gear.  It is powered by a pair of 625 motors and weighs around 4 1/2 lbs.

The next picture below is of the Bristol Blenheim based on a Balsa Craft  kit built by K. Berger.

The final picture on this page is of Merlyn Graves and his Bristol Blenheim.  It has a wingspan of 168", a length of 132" and weighs around 75 lbs.  Merlyn uses DA 100 engine power.

Scale Builder has Merlyn's Bristol Blenheim model build on CD.

My Hobby Store UK has 3 view drawings for sale of various Bristol Blenheim aircraft.

My Hobby Store UK has Bristol Blenheim plans for sale. Wingspan is 85" with power coming from .40 2C engines.

Bristol Blenheim
Underside detail of Bristol Blenheim.

Bristol Blenheim
A Bristol Blenheim built by K. Berger.

Bristol Blenheim
Merlyn Graves and his Bristol Blenhheim.

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