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C-119 For Sale

C-119 For Sale

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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
62 troops
P&W R-4360-20
2 x 3,500 hp. ea.
86' 6"
109' 3"
40,000 lbs.
70,000 lbs.
10,000 lbs.
200 mph
295 mph
1,100 fpm
24,000 feet
2,280 miles

The C-119 for sale by Fairchild, nicknamed the Flying Boxcar, was designed as an improvement over earlier Fairchild transport aircraft. It can accommodate bigger and heavier cargo payloads in a larger, reinforced fuselage. Part of the additional room is a result of the flight deck of the aircraft being redesigned to fit in the very front of the fuselage. Maximum loaded weight went from 42,000 lbs. to 64,000 lbs. while new engines deliver almost 70% more power.

The airplane first took to the sky in 1947 and continued in military service through 1974. Many were in civilian service for years, and a few continue to fly today. Its versatility is well regarded. Among other things, is has been employed as a cargo hauler, paratroop and passenger transport, air ambulance, and an airborne gunship.

The C-119 for sale is strong enough to operate out of short, unimproved landing areas, and carry large, heavy payloads. The aircraft proved extremely reliable and ground crews appreciate that its upkeep is easy. The one word most heard to sum up the C-119 experience is "dependable".

During the Korean War, the aircraft served with distinction as a cargo and troop transport. It continued to serve on after the war throughout most of the world. The airplane even took part in early space capsule recovery programs.

In Vietnam, the airplane was flown by the CIA in support of French operations. It was also used in support of India during the Sino-Indian War. The C-119 for sale by Fairchild was also exported for use by nations throughout the world.

After being retired from military service, a number of the aircraft were sold for use throughout the United States as air tankers. They were fitted with water and retardant tanks in their bellies.

A total of 1,183 C-119 airplanes were produced.

C-119 For Sale
C-119 for sale by Flyboy Models.

Pictured above is the C-119 for sale from Flyboy Models. The ARF is made mostly from balsa and has a wingspan of 59" with a 42" length. You will need .25 two stroke engines for power.

Dan Palmer has plans for a C-119 for sale. They build to a 119" wingspan.

C-119 For Sale
C-119 for sale from Palmer built by Bacchuber.

Carl Bachhuber built a good looking C-119 for sale from Palmer Plans, enlarged to a wingspan of 14 3/4 feet. It has GT80 engines.

The next three pictures below are of a C-119 for sale as a kit from Dare Hobbies, built by Jim Babcock. It was designed by Pat Trittle. Wingspan is 45 1/2" and length is 35 1/2". Jim uses a pair of Speed 400 six volt motors to power the 2 lb. 5 oz. airplane.

C-119 For Sale
Babcock and his C-119 for sale by Dare.

C-119 For Sale
C-119 for sale from Dare Hobbies.

Pat Tritle design C-119 for sale.

C-119 For Sale - Airplane Girl

Precision Cut Kits has the C-119 for sale as a kit from Dan Palmer Plans. It is giant scale with a 119" wingspan and 86 1/2" length. Recommended for power are a pair of .91 two stroke engines. All up weight should be around 19 1/2 lbs. upon completion.

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