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CASA C-101
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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Cruise Speed:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
3,550 lbs.
8,780 lbs.
11,025 lbs.
40' 1"
34' 10"
335 mph
480 mph
4,900 fpm
41,000 feet
650 miles

The CASA C-101 first flew on June 29, 1977 with flight testing starting on April 17, 1978. Performance was excellent and the Spanish Air Force ordered the aircraft.

CASA C-101 aircraft entered service on March 17, 1980.

The aircraft is flown by the Patrulla Aguilar Spanish Air Team.

In 1983 CASA started production of a dedicated attack version designated the A-36 Halcon.

Over 165 CASA C-101 aircraft of all types were produced.

CASA C-101 from BZ-Modellbau

There are several scratch built CASA C-101 RC Airplanes flying, but we only know of a few kits.

Nitro Planes has a CASA C-101 for sale with a wingspan of 46" powered by a brushless motor driving a ducted fan unit. It is RTF with a ready to fly weight is 38 oz.

Pictured above and below is the CASA C-101 from BZ-Modellbau. It has a wingspan of 57". Fuselage length is 63". You will need a minimum 11 lb. thrust turbine for. All up weight is around 14 lbs.

The second picture below is of the CASA C-101 built by Graham Reddin. It appears that at one time Graham offered it as a kit for sale under the name Innflight, but we have not seen it being sold recently. The wingspan is 31". Construction materials are balsa and lite plywood. Graham powers his CASA C-101 with a HET 240-15 motor. The fan unit used is a WeMoTec Micro Fan. All up weight is just 23 1/2 oz.

The bottom picture on this page is of Carlos Marquez Perez and his scratch built CASA C-101. It has a wingspan of 65" and a length of 75". Carlos uses a 17 1/2 lb. thrust turbine engine for power.

We received the following email:

Hello dear friends, I´m Javier from Alicante,Spain. I see your web page and would like to know where if it is possible obtain scale plans for turbines, edfs, or kits of the CASA C-101? I know that bzmodellbau has a semiscale design to fit a P-60 Jet Cat.

If you know of CASA C-101 scale plans with balsa and ply, retracts and flaps please email me at cgomez@jsharp.e.telefonica.net.

CASA C-101 showing flaps lowered.

CASA C-101 by Graham Reddin.

CASA C-101 - Carlos Marquez Perez

At RC Groups jet jer was offering a Innflight CASA C-101 for sale.

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At RC Groups termite had yet another Inflight CASA C-101 for sale.

Concep60 of RC Groups was looking for CASA C-101 plans.

At one time Mountain Models had a CASA C-101 profile model for sale. It bore little resemblance to the actual aircraft.

Jorge Garcia of RC Groups posted a three view drawing and picture from which to build a CASA C-101.

U812 of RC Groups mentioned his CASA C-101.

GoeKeli of RC Universe started a thread about a CASA C-101.

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