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Primary Function:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Cruise Speed:
Max. Speed:
Initial Climb:
First Flight:
Year Deployed:
GE J85
2,950 lbs.
4,895 lbs.
7,788 lbs.
32 ft.
36 ft. 6 in.
345 mph
500 mph
12,500 fpm est.
43,000 feet
625 miles

The Tutor, built by Canadair as the CT-114, was designed and built in Canada and was used by the Canadian Forces as its primary training aircraft from Sept. of 1961 until 2000.

To date, specially modified Tutor aircraft continue to be used by the Canadian Snowbirds. The aircraft utilize a smoke generating system and have their engines specially tuned to improve low level air show performance.

Through the years the Tutor has received upgrades including the addition of drop tanks and improved avionics. A variant of the Tutor, the model "G", was modified to perform as a light attack aircraft. It could carry up to 2,000 lbs. of ordnance on hard points under each of its wings.

The Royal Malaysian Air Force used CT-114 light attack aircraft from 1967 to 1986. The Canadian Air Force retired it as a training aircraft in 2000.

A total of 212 CT-114 aircraft of all types were produced.

RC Tutor
RC Tutor by Sparhawk of RC Groups.

The rc Tutor seems to be a popular subject for modelers.  A number of excellent scratch built rc Tutor scale model airplanes exist, and more recently, several giant scale ARF models have been made available.

Pictured above is the scratch built rc Tutor by Sparhawk of RC Groups. It is propelled by a pusher prop. We don't have any additional information about it.

The first picture below is of the nice looking scratch built rc Tutor by David Thomson. It uses an O.S. .91 ducted fan engine for power.

The next picture below is of a rc Tutor built by Corey of RC Groups. The scratch built model has a wingspan of 20". Corey uses a GWS motor and 3 x 2 pusher prop for power. It is built from white styrofoam and balsa.

Green Air Design has a rc Tutor for sale as a kit.  It is made from Depron foam. It has a wingspan of 30" and uses a pusher prop for motivation. You can use a 3,000 kv motor for power.

The next picture is the rc Tutor for sale by Jet Legend. It  is a 1/6 scale ARF with a wingspan of 72" and a length of 65 1/2".

Rodelmodell has a rc Tutor for sale in kit form.  The giant scale rc airplane is also available as a ARF. Wingspan is 104", length is 90 1/2" and weight is about 37 lbs. You can power it with a 27 lb. or higher thrust turbine engine.

The bottom picture is of a rc Tutor for sale by Composite-ARF Models. Wingspan of the giant scale rc airplane is 102", with 35 lb. thrust or greater turbine engines needed for power.

Michael Weaver writes:  "RC Modeler ran a how to build article for the rc Tutor in the July 1994 issue. Plans are available from their website for $20.50 US plus shipping. The rc Tutor has a 60" wingspan and looks similar to the model built by David Thompson as shown on your website. I ordered my set of plans from them this morning."

We thank you for helping us find plans for a rc Tutor, Michael.

RC Tutor
RC Tutor by David Thomson.

RC Tutor
RC Tutor by Corey of RC Groups.

RC Tutor
Jet Legend rc Tutor.

RC Tutor
Composite-ARF Models rc Tutor.

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