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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    Year Deployed:
Rolls Royce/Allison
2- 6,760 lbs. ea.
21,600 lbs.
36,300 lbs.
14,300 lbs.
12,931 lbs.
73' 4"
63' 7"
580 mph
617 mph
3,650 fpm
51,000 feet
3,734 miles

The Citation, produced by Cessna, Model X, is the world's fastest business jet. This high speed capability can save up to one hour's flight time on United States transcontinental flights.

The Citation can fly from Los Angeles to New York in about 4 hours and 10 minutes. Due to its ability to fly at higher altitudes Cessna says their aircraft consumes less fuel than similar size jets.

It was on October 21, 1990 that Cessna first announced they would start work on a larger, faster, business jet.  However, the program had its delays.  On June 14, 1994 the Citation air frame failed FAA test standards testing. Another setback was experienced on July 22, 1994  when engine failure was experienced during high altitude tests.

On April 22, 1996 Cessna engineers proclaimed that all of the testing issues were resolved.  That lead to the Citation receiving FAA certification on June 3, 1996.

On September 17, 1997 the Citation set the 5,000 Km speed record of 544.683 MPH over a closed course.

Transport Canada certified the aircraft on May 22, 1998 followed by Europe Aviation certifying the aircraft on July 17, 1999.

On January 1, 2002 new Citation receive more powerful engines and upgraded avionics.

The large intake, high bypass Rolls Royce engines of the Citation make it one of the world's quietest business jets while increasing fuel economy.

The wings are designed for high speed efficiency. They have a thin profile and have more back sweep than any other business jet in the world.

The fuselage incorporates design features to keep high speed drag to a minimum. This includes mounting the fuselage on top of the wings, rather than having them run through the fuselage. The Citation is the first ever Cessna jet to incorporate this low drag design.

Flight controls are dual redundant hydraulic activated. Besides ailerons, the aircraft incorporates wing spoilers for added control.

The Citation has fully computerized electronic instruments incorporating flat panel displays with GPS, plus the latest avionics.

Pilots report the jet as fun to fly. The cabin is roomy and provides six feet of head room. Interior sound, even when climbing at full throttle, is lower than most comparable aircraft.

The aircraft easily handles cross-wind take-offs and landings. However the Citation lands with about fourteen degrees of nose-up and any banking in excess of two degrees will cause a wing tip strike.

Pilots appreciate the high speeds the aircraft is capable of in addition to its abilities to avoid most weather conditions by over-flying them.

While the Citation is known for its high speed abilities, pilots also appreciate the low speed handling characteristics of the aircraft. Stall characteristics are predictable and easily handled.

RC Citation
A rc Citation (Hero Eagle) from NitroPlanes.

Pictured above is a good size model you may want to try that has some resemblance to the rc Citation.  It is sold by Nitro Planes under the name of Hero Eagle. Wingspan and length are 71" and all up weight is around 14 lbs. It has a glass fuselage with built up wood wings. Power comes from a pair of 2200 Kv brushless motors turning 101 mm fans.

Pictured first below is a rc twin jet you may want to consider if you are interested in the rc Citation, especially if you are looking for an excellent value. It is the Dynam Turbo Jet RTF on sale by NitroPlanes. Wingspan is 46" and length is 42". Weight is around 2 1/2 lbs. It comes with optional flaps, and ready for your retracts. Powering it are a pair of brushless motors and 64 mm EDF units.

The second picture below is a rc Citation built from a Jetwelt kit. It has a wingspan of 177" and weighs around 84 lbs. Powering it are two Simjet 26 lb. thrust turbines or equivalent.

The third picture below is of the rc Citation resembling ARF Executive Jet from Super Flying Models (SFM).  It has a wingspan of 47" and a length of 53". Recommended power comes from a pair of SFM brushless motors. It is made entirely of foam.

The fourth picture is of the rc Citation by the Marutaka Model Co. Although production has been discontinued, occasionally you can find these on eBay. It has a length of 62" and a wingspan of 67". Power comes from two .21 ducted fans. Weight is about 9 lbs.

The fifth picture is of the ready to fly rc Citation found at a number of toy stores. It has a wingspan of 40", EPP foam is used in the construction.The airplane has two channel control. The altitude is controlled by increasing or decreasing power to the motors. It appears that you can turn it by differential thrust of the motors. We wonder how effective such thrust control can be with both motors located near the center line? We have heard of several conversions to throttle, ailerons and elevator control being flown successfully. Apparently the looks are good and the EPP construction makes it durable.

The sixth picture is of Ali Machinski and his good looking rc Citation. Its wingspan is approximately 11 feet and weight around 46 lbs. Powering it are Funsonic FS 70's.

The final picture is of the rc Citation by DH Gate. Length and wingspan both are 39 1/2" and it is for two channel control.

RC Citation
RC Citiation from NitroPlanes.

RC Citation
RC Citiation from Jetwelt.

RC Citation
Super Flying Models rc Citiation.

RC Citation
RC Citation from Marutaka.

RC Citation
RC Citation sold at toy stores.

RC Citation
Ali Machinski and his rc Citation.

RC Citation
DH Gate rc Citation.

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We received the following email:
"The first two rc airplane pics at the bottom of the page are not Citation X's. The first one is a Citation CJ2 and the second one is a Learjet. I am trying to find a rc Citation. Do you know of anyone producing a kit or plans for, preferably, a jet powered rc model?
Ira C. 'Sky' Allstadt IV, Addison, TX 75001 sallstadt@manage.aero"

If you can help Ira find a rc Citation, please email him, and let us know too.