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G-1 Helicopter

G-1 Helicopter
Click on the photo to hear the wav sound.


Original Specifications

Primary Function:
Engine (typical):
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Main Rotor Dia:
Tail Rotor Dia:
Fuel Consumption:
Max. Speed:
Year Deployed:
40 hp
150 lbs.
420 lbs.
270 lbs.
5 gals.
12 ft.
5 ft. 8 in.
5 ft. 6 in.
12 ft.
2 ft.
4 gph
80 mph
10,000 feet
96 miles

The G-1 Helicopter, originally made by Compcop, is said to be the world's smallest helicopter. We understand that updated plans and construction manual are currently available from Vortech, Inc.

We received the following email from Dennis Hawkins (n4mwd@amsat. org):

"You list the G-1 Helicopter as being the world's smallest helicopter, but you should know that this is a fake helicopter and has never actually flown. Its a scam and comes only in plans form.

The photo that has been released of it flying is a photoshop fake and the wav file is clearly not of a G-1 Helicopter because the G-1 plans call for a 2 cycle engine and that is not heard in the wav file.

There are a lot of fake aircraft out there. As a rule, if there aren't any real photos of them flying, then they probably don't.

One company even went so far as to draw a high resolution photorealistic CAD representation of their helicopter and superimpose that onto an image of a helipad and then claimed it to be real.

There are other ultralight helicopters than the G-1 Helicopter that really do fly and I would say that they should get the title as "world's smallest helicopter". Specifically, the mosquito ultralight. Here is a link to their home page: www.innovatortech.ca/mosquitoabout.html. They also have videos that can be downloaded. - Dennis Hawkins"
Thank you, Dennis, for the information.

Micro RC Helicopters

Micro  rc helicopter
Micro rc helicopter from Chenghai Toys

There are numerous micro rc helicopters to choose from and many places offering them. Our suggestion is that if you are looking for the world's smallest rc helicopters, you shop around for the best features and price.

Pictured above is the Hughes Fairy rc helicopter from Chenghai Toy Factory. It is about 5" long and weighs around 10 grams. Chenghai sells it with a 2 channel radio available in three frequencies. Also included are the motor, batteries and charger.

In the first picture below is the Wolf Microlite rc helicopter sold by First Street. Length is around 5.5" and weight is approximately 11 grams. Along with the RC Helicopter and included in the price is a radio, charger and batteries.

The second picture below is of the Pocket rc helicopter sold by XHeli. It has a 6" length. The rotor is 5 1/4" and it weighs about 10 grams. Included are an infrared control radio, batteries and a charger.

The rc helicopter in the last picture below is also from XHeli. The F Top helicopter is about 7" long, and weighs about 14 grams. This is a completely ready to fly RC Helicopter with an installed radio and motor. You also get batteries and a charger.

If you have a favorite mini RC Helicopter that you would like to recommend, please email us.

Micro  rc helicopter
Micro rc helicopter from First Street

Pocket  RC Helicopter
Pocket RC Helicopter from XHeli

micro rc helicopter
F Top micro rc helicopter from XHeli