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Curtiss Robin

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OX-5 Specifications

        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Climb Rate:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
pilot + 2 passengers
Curtiss OX-5
90 hp.
1,480 lbs.
2,220 lbs.
737 lbs.
25' 10"
41' 0"
84 mph
100 mph
500 fpm
10,200 feet
490 miles

The Curtiss Robin, introduced in 1928, became one of the most successful civil aviation aircraft of its time. The aircraft had a reputation for dependability, easy handling, a roomy cabin, and a low cost.

Construction materials used to built the Robin were a fabric covered, steel tube fuselage and wings made from wood. A 90 hp OX-5 first powered the aircraft, but later production aircraft were powered with a 165 hp Wright engine.

The aircraft had an unusual seating arrangement. There was a single seat for the pilot up front, and two side by side seats in the rear of the aircraft for the passengers.

On July 1, 1935 a specially modified Curtiss Robin set a non-stop endurance record after flying for a total of 635 hours and 34 minutes covering a distance of 52,320 miles. The aircraft, pictured above, was fitted with a top hatch through which fuel and supplies were delivered while in flight. A railing around the front of the aircraft allowed for engine oil replenishment and maintenance while in flight. The aircraft was named Ole Miss and was piloted by the brothers Fredrick and Allen Key.

A total of 769 Curtiss Robin aircraft were produced.

Curtiss Robin - Ikon N'wst

Pictured above is the Curtiss Robin for sale from a Ikon N'wst kit.  It has a wingspan of 96".  Power is provided by a .91 four stroke engine. All up weight is between 13 and 15 lbs.

The first picture below is the Curtiss Robin from a Dare hobby kit.  It is designed by Pat Trittle. Wingspan is 40" and length is 25".  You can power it with a geared Speed 400 motor or .049 engine.

Cleveland Model has plans of the Curtiss Robin with wingspans of 21", 31", 41 1/2", 61", 83", and 124".

Uncle Willies has plans for the Curtiss Robin.  Wingspan is 45" and length is 40". Recommended power is a .049 engine or a similar power electric motor.

The second picture below is of the Curtiss Robin C/L Airplane from Aug. 1977 Model Airplane News Plans.  It should easily be converted to a radio control airplane.  Wingspan is 60" and length is 40". Recommended power are engines from .29 to .40 in size.

The last picture on this page is of a Curtiss Robin sea plane built by Per Nilsen. He enlarged a Flyline drawing to build the rc airplane. Wingspan is 82". Powering it is a Webra .40 engine swinging a 12 x 4 prop. It weighs about five pounds.

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Curtiss Robin - Per Nilsen.

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