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Dassault Etendard

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Super Etendard Specifications

          Primary Function:
          Weight Empty:
          Max. Weight:
          Max. Speed:
          Climb Rate:
          First Flight:
          Year Deployed:
11,025 lbs.
46 ft. 11 in.
32 ft. 6 in.
14,330 lbs.
26,450 lbs.
2- 30 mm
4,630 lbs.
750 mph
19,700 fpm
44,900 feet
2,200 miles

The Dassault Etendard was built to meet French and NATO requirements for a light fighter aircraft. Its designers incorporated improvements learned from Korean War air battles into it. Three prototypes were developed, and their designs rejected. However the model IV was accepted for use for French aircraft carrier operations. It became the first aircraft of its type, designed for use aboard aircraft carriers, to be developed by Dassault.

From 1961 to 1965 the French Navy accepted deliveries of 69 Dassault Etendard fighters and 21 reconnaissance aircraft. They were used on their carriers Clemenceau and Foch. These aircraft continued in service through mid 1991.

The Dassault Etendard Super model flew for the first time in 1974 and started deployment in 1978. The aircraft were larger than their predecessors, with more powerful engines. Ordnance capacity was also increased.

In the Falklands War of 1982, five Dassault Etendard aircraft saw action for the Argentine Navy against British Naval forces. They proved effective, sinking a destroyer and a cargo ship. In 1984 Iraq used their five aircraft to attack Iranian tankers. We are told that they had “some success,” but do not know to what extend.

Although Dassault Etendard production ended in 1983, a program to update the avionics and structural integrity of the aircraft was instituted in 1992 to extend their service life. It is anticipated that they will be retired from French service by 2010.

A total of 164 Dassault Etendard aircraft of all types were produced.

Dassault Etendard
Dassault Etendard from Park Jets plans.

Pictured right above and in the first picture below is the Dassault Etendard built and designed by Philippe of RC Groups and found at Park Jet plans. Fuselage length is 31", wingspan is 22 1/2" and weight is about 7 3/4 oz. Made of Depron, it uses a Feigao 4100 kV pusher prop motor for power.

The last two pictures on this page are of the Dassault Etendart from Dedicated 2 Air. Their website indicates that the manufacturer is RBC, yet we can not locate it on the RBC website. Length is 38", wingspan is 28", and power comes from a Typhoon EDF 2W-20 motor turning a 480 Mini Fan unit. All up weight is about 35 oz.

Please email us if you know of other Dassault Etendard.

Dassault Etendard
Philippe and his Dassault Etendard.

Dassault Etendard
Dassault Etendard from RBC.

Dassault Etendard
Dassault Etendard rc airplane.