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Mystere IVA Specifications

         Primary Function:
         Weight Empty:
         Max. Weight:
         Max. Speed:
         Initial Climb:
         First Flight:
         Year Deployed:
Verdon 350 Turbojet
7,725 lbs.
42 ft. 4 in.
36 ft. 6 in.
12,940 lbs.
22,490 lbs.
2- 30 mm
2,200 lbs.
700 mph
9,000 fpm
39,000 feet
800 miles

Dassault Mystere
Dassault Mystere

The Dassault Mystere was the first fighter jet to fly for the French Air Force. It was one of the first production swept wing aircraft of Western Europe. On October 28, 1952 it became the first French aircraft to go supersonic in controlled flight during a dive.

Newer variants of the aircraft received upgrades through the years. The Dassault Mystere model IV differed from prior models in that it had a more oval fuselage, greater sweep to its thinner wings, and upgraded tail surfaces.

The ultimate development model Super Dassault Mystere was larger and heavier than its predecessors. The aircraft was capable of tran-sonic flight when flying level. Its wings were the most swept back of any model, at 45 degrees. These aircraft were used primarily in the attack role.

The Dassault Mystere saw action for Israel in their 1956 war against Egypt. In 1965 the Indian Air Force used the aircraft for ground support missions in the war with Pakistan.

In addition to France, Israel, and India, the Dassault Mystere was also used by Honduras. There, they continued in service until 1998.

The Patrouille de France air team flew the Dassault Mystere from 1956 through 1964.

A total of 725 Dassault Mystere aircraft of all types were produced.

Dassault Mystere
Dassault Mystere - Patrick Deslandes

The picture immediately above and the first two pictures below are of the Dassault Mystere from Patrick Deslandes Designs. It has a wingspan of 79" and a length of 89 1/2". The ARF is built entirely from fiberglass. For power you will need turbines producing thrust between 22 lbs. and 33 lbs. All up weight is around 33 lbs.

In the bottom picture on this page is the Dassault Mystere slope soarer designed by Paul Janssens. It has a wingspan of 47 1/4", is designed for ailerons and elevator control, and weighs in at 36 oz.

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Dassault Mystere
Dassault Mystere

Dassault Mystere
Dassault Mystere - Deslandes Designs

Dassault Mystere - PSS Model Plans