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Dewoitine D520

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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Machine Guns:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
Hispano-Suiza 12Y
850 h.p.
4,685 lbs.
6,150 lbs.
1- 20 mm
4- 7.5 mm
28 ft. 9 in.
33 ft. 6 in.
332 mph
2,800 fpm
33,600 feet
960 miles

Dewoitine D520
Dewoitine D520
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The Dewoitine D520 was the best French Air Force fighter available when World War II broke out.

Although Dewoitine D520 fighters were greatly outnumbered, they downed some 147 front line Luftwaffe aircraft before the French surrender.

The Vichy used Dewoitine D520 aircraft against the Allies exclusively in both North Africa and Syria.

The aircraft continued to be produced under the Vichy government. Axis allies received supplies of the aircraft.

D520's downed a number of Allied aircraft over Syria during the 1941 campaign.

In 1942 they again saw action against the Allies while supporting the landings in Northern Africa.

The Luftwaffe used Dewoitine the D520 as an advanced training aircraft.

Interestingly, the D520 switched sides after D-Day when Allies again used it.

The French fighters continued in operation until 1953.

A total of some 900 Dewoitine D520 aircraft of all types were produced.

Dewoitine D520
Dewoitine D520 - Manzano

In the picture right above is the Dewoitine D520 from a kit for sale from Manzo Lanser Works. It was designed by Tom van Haaren. Wingspan is 45" and length is 35". The 1/9 scale radio control airplane needs a Speed 600 size brushless motor for motivation. Ready to fly weight is 3 lbs.

The first picture below is of the slope soarer Dewoitine D520 from Traplet plans. It is designed by Paul Janssen and has a wingspan of 46 3/4" with a weight of 42 oz. Controls are ailerons, elevator, and rudder.

The next picture is of the giant scale Dewoitine D520 from a Pierre Monmarty Models kit. It has a wingspan of 80" with a fuselage that is 69" in length. You will need a minimum 3.0 two stroke engine to power the 16 lb. airplane.

Pictured third below is the Kit Cutters Dewoitine D520 from Jerry Bates plans available as a kit or plans. The 1/6 scale airplane has a 67" wingspan. Engines can range from .90 to 1.08 two strokes. It should weigh between 10 and 12 lbs. upon completion.

The bottom picture is of the Dewoitine D520 ARF from Seagull Model. It has a wingspan of 71" and a length of 59" with a weight of about 11 lbs. It needs from .75 to .91 two cycle or from 1.0 to 1.25 four cycle engine power.

The 1/4 scale Dewoitine D520 from Kit Cutters has a wingspan of 89". Engines range from 3.1 to 5.2 two strokes. All up weight will be between 24 and 28 lbs.

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Dewoitine D520
Dewoitine D520 - Traplet

Dewoitine D520
Dewoitine D520 - Monmarty

Dewoitine D520
Dewoitine D520 - Bates

Dewoitine D520
Dewoitine D520 - Seagull