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Dornier Do-335
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   Primary Function:
   Weight Empty:
   Max. Weight:
   Cruise Speed:
   Max Speed:
   1 Engine Speed:
   Climb Rate:
   Year Deployed:

2- V 1,800 hp ea.
16,000 lbs.
21,165 lbs.
45 ft. 5 in.
45 ft. 3 in.
1 x 30mm/2 x 15mm
2,200 lbs.
326 mph
474 mph
350 mph
3,300 fpm
37,400 feet
1,280 miles

Dornier Do-335
Dornier Do-335
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The Dornier Do-335 was the fastest propeller driven aircraft of World War II. The first prototype Dornier Do-335 flew on Oct. 17, 1943. Power was by two Daimler Benz DB 603 engines rated at 1,761 take-off h.p. each.

Test pilots reported speed, acceleration and maneuverability as well as or superior to any single engine aircraft.

Items needing improving in the Do-335 were the rearward visibility and a tall, somewhat weak, landing gear structure necessary for propeller clearance. Later versions of the Pfeil had rear view mirrors in blisters added to the canopy, improved engine cooling, and redesigned landing gear doors.

The concept for the Dornier Do-335 came from the Dornier flying boats with push-pull engines built during World War I. Advantages of the design were less drag, better control in case of loss of one engine and better maneuverability.

By 1939 Dornier had designed a Dornier Do-335 bomber with the push-pull layout. Prototypes proved the effectiveness of the design, but the aircraft never went into production. That is because the German government cancelled all aircraft projects taking over one year to complete.

By the spring of 1944, Dornier submitted an updated version of his bomber. It received funding by the German government and was designated the Do-335. However, later that year, the government changed the requirements of the aircraft from a bomber to that of a fighter bomber. Dornier had to modify his bomber to meet the new requirements and that delayed production.

Ten Dornier Do-335 aircraft were ready for testing in May of 1944. Upgrades to the original design incorporated the more powerful DB603E-1 engines plus additional weapons and fuel capacity.

By the end of the war only fourteen Dornier Do-335 aircraft had been produced.

Dornier Do-335
Dornier Do-335

Pictured above is the Dornier Do-335 from NitroPlanes. The rc airplane comes ready to fly, including transmitter, and has a wingspan and length of 37" with a weight of around 26 oz. Twin geared Speed 370 type motors give the Dornier Do-335 plenty of power for aerobatics.

Dornier Do-335

Don Smith has plans for a Dornier Do-335. It has a wingspan of 99" and can be powered by 2 x 1.4 to 2.1 engines.

Dornier Do-335

Pictured immediately above and below is the Dornier Do-335 built from a kit by the Horrido Air Combat Team. The rc airplane is 1:12 scale with a 58" wingspan and a 41" length. Power can come from Mega ACN 16/25/3 motors or 3.5 - 4.0- ccm engines.

Dornier Do-335.

Dornier Do-335

The Dornier Do-335 by Patrick McCurry is a magnificent scale model radio control airplane. It was a 2006 Top Gun Master Class winner.

For a 70" wingspan Dornier Do-335 check out the plans from Al Masters. Recommended power is a Saito .90 in front and a Saito .50 in back. It has an all up weight of around 17 lbs.

ESM has a Dornier Do-335. The ARF's wingspan is 83 1/2" and its length is 84". You can put a single 50 cc engine up front or a 1.20 up front with a .91 in the back. Weight is about 24 1/4 lbs.

Engel Modellbau has a Dornier Do-335 kit. Its wingspan is 98.5" and weight is about 40 lbs. Power can be from 2 x 45 ccm engines.

For something smaller, Hirobo has a 32" wingspan Dornier Do-335. Length is 27.5". It uses 2 x 380 size electric motors.

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