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DC-6 For Sale
DC-6 For Sale
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DC-6B Specifications

    Primary Function:
    Engine Type:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Fuel Capacity:
    Seating (typical):
    Max. Cruise:
    Max. Speed (Vne):
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year deployed:
P&W R-2800
4 x 2,500 hp ea.
55,360 lbs.
107,000 lbs.
5,512 gallons
54 passengers
105 ft. 7 in.
117 ft. 6 in.
307 mph
360 mph
1,100 fpm
25,000 feet
3,000 miles

The DC-6, for sale by Douglas, carried larger payloads with more speed and economy than any other aircraft of its time. It was flown by every major airline in the world, plus the U.S. Air Force and Navy.  It was used as a passenger and cargo transport, and as a water bomber, with 2,800 gallons of retardant capacity.

The airplane and its predecessor share identical wingspans. However the engines of the DC-6 are more powerful and its fuselage longer. In addition to more powerful engines, the new aircraft has a stronger airframe, a pressurized interior, and three bladed propellers capable of reversing pitch for braking.

The airplane was one of the primary airliners regularly flying passengers around the world in previously unknown comfort. Its powerful radial engines and three bladed propellers made it capable of speeds and distances nearly 1/3 greater, while carrying 1.5 tons more payload, than its predecessor.

Its engines incorporate anti detonation injection for cooling. This increased take off power by about twenty percent. It works by streaming a mixture of water and methanol through a regulator valve into the engine's intake manifold. When mixed with an incoming air and fuel charge in the engine's cylinders, it produces greater power by enabling the presence of a greater density of air to produce more complete combustion. When power is reduced for normal cruising, the injection automatically ceases.

The aircraft are appreciated by their air and ground crews, operators and passengers. Flying the aircraft is a pleasure. Its controls are well balanced and responsive, while its engines are powerful, reliable, and economical to operate. The cockpit is large with controls and instruments logically placed.

The airplane has a respectable climb speed of around 185 mph, and generally cruises between 16,000 and 20,000 feet at around 287 mph. Due to its strong airframe, it is possible to maintain cruising speed throughout its landing descent.

One model of the DC-6, for sale by Douglas, served in the USAF as the official aircraft for President Harry Truman. During the Korean War some 167 of the aircraft were pressed into military service.

The airplane proved so popular with airlines that its manufacture continued for a short time after its successor stopped being built.

All military versions of the DC-6, for sale by Douglas, were retired from service around 1985. However civilian versions have been used as water bombers, and some 50 of the aircraft continue in use today in air charter and cargo service.

A total of over 700 of the aircraft of all types were produced.

DC-6 For Sale
Carl Bachhuber and his rc DC-6.

Pictured above and in the first picture below is the great looking DC-6, for sale by Douglas, in USAF presidential colors, built by Carl Bachhuber. It has a wingspan of fifteen feet and is powered by G26 engines. Its weight is around 95 lbs.

Pictured second picture below is a DC-6 for sale by Pat's Custom Models as a short kit. It has a five foot wingspan and is powered by GWS geared motors.

The last picture on this page is of the DC-6, for sale by Douglas, scratch built by Paul Stelly. It has a 90" wingspan and is 82" long. Construction is a fiberglass fuselage with balsa sheeted foam wings. We do not have any information about engines or weight.

Air Age has Pat Tritle plans of the DC-6 for sale.

Alexander B of RC Groups has a thread about his DC-6, for sale by Douglas. It has a 98" wingspan, weighs about 13 lbs. and is powered by electric motors.

ZRS4 of RC Groups started a thread about building the DC-6 for sale as a Pat Tritle kit.

DC-6 For Sale
DC-6, for sale by Douglas, in flight.

DC-6 For Sale
Pat's Custom Models rc DC-6.

DC-6 For Sale
The rc DC-6 by Paul Stelly.

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