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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Climb Rate:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
P&W J57
16,000 lbs.
33 ft. 6 in.
45 ft. 3 in.
16,024 lbs.
27,116 lbs.
4- 20 mm
2 sidewinder
4,000 lbs.
520 mph
720 mph
18,300 fpm
55,000 feet
1,200 miles

Douglas F4D Skyray
Douglas F4D Skyray
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The first U.S. Navy aircraft capable of supersonic speeds in level flight, the Douglas F4D Skyray set numerous world aircraft performance records.

Douglas F4D Skyray
Douglas F4D Skyray - RC Warbirds.

The Douglas F4D Skyray from RC Warbirds has a 25.5" wingspan and can be driven by a Typhoon EDF 2W, 3W or 2W-20 motor turning a WeMoTec 480 Mini Fan. Construction is a plywood and balsa fuselage with balsa covered foam wings.  It weighs about 38 oz.

Douglas F4D Skyray origins trace back to German aircraft engineering experiments with delta wings that impressed U.S. designers. When the United States Navy started looking for a new fighter aircraft to operate from its carriers, Douglas Aircraft proposed the delta wing design.

Douglas F4D Skyray
Douglas F4D Skyray - Mark Frankel

The picture above and immediately below is of the turbine powered Douglas F4D Skyray built by Mark Frankel. Length is 78" and wingspan is 58".

The second prototype Douglas F4D Skyray set a speed record when, on Oct. 3, 1953, it flew to 752.9 mph.  On May 22 - 23, 1958 a Skyray piloted by USMC Maj. Edward LeFaivre set a total of five time-to-climb records including 49,212 feet in two minutes 36 seconds.

Douglas F4D Skyray
Douglas F4D Skyray - Frankel

The Douglas F4D Skyray was known for its fast climb, extreme maneuverability, high roll rate, and overall speed. Its shortcomings were a relatively short range without external fuel tanks, instability at transonic speeds, and a steep glide ratio. Adding to the general instability were landing gear which did not raise and lower simultaneously. This caused the airplane to skid sideways when the landing gear were initially activated.

Douglas F4D Skyray
Douglas F4D Skyray - Corsair Nut

The Douglas F4D Skyray built by Corsair Nut from RC Groups wingspan is 37". Power comes from a 300 Kv heli motor. All up weight is 21.5 oz.

The Douglas F4D Skyray never saw combat, although one USN unit was assigned to the North American Air Defense Command for bomber interceptor duties.

Douglas F4D Skyray
Douglas F4D Skyray - Global Jet Club

The colorful Douglas F4D Skyray from Global Jet Club has a wingspan of 46" and is 61" long, with a weight of around 13 1/2 lbs. You will need from 8 to 14 lb. thrust turbine engines or the equivalent motor and EDF to power it.

It is said that before being retired, Douglas F4D Skyray aircraft were used at U.S. Navy Test Pilots School to demonstrate how unstable aircraft flew.

A total of 420 Douglas F4D Skyray aircraft were built before production ended in Dec. 1958. The last ones flew until the end of the 1960's.

Parkjets has a number of plans for the Douglas F4D Skyray. These are foamy park flyers powered by pusher props. Wingspans are 24", 32", and 42".

RBC Kits has a Douglas F4D Skyray kit. Its wingspan is 25 1/2" and length is 32". It needs a brushless motor turning a 480 fan unit. Weight is about 2 lbs.

You can find a Douglas F4D Skyray profile kit for sale at 6mm Fly RC. It is pusher prop powered with a 28" wingspan and a length of 37". Weight is about 20 oz.

Jet Hangar Hobbies has a Douglas F4D Skyray with a 28 1/2" length that is 37" long. It needs a motor and 480 size EDF unit. Weight is around 4 3/4 lbs.

Shenzhen FMS Hobbies has a Douglas F4D Skyray kit, ARF or RTF. It has a wingspan of 25 1/2" with a 36" length. It comes with a motor turning a 64 mm fan unit. All up weight is around 21 oz.

Shenzhen Great Bo-King has a 25.5" wingspan Douglas F4D Skyray as either a kit, ARF or RTF.

RC Flying Zone has a Douglas F4D Skyray. The ready to fly scale rc airplane has a wingspan of 25 1/2" and is 36" long. Included is a radio, flight battery and speed controller.

Jets Over Baguio has a profile pusher prop Douglas F4D Skyray. It is a foamy with a 22" wingspan.

You can find plans for a Douglas F4D Skyray at Free RC Plans.com.

Foam Plans has plans for a Douglas F4D Skyray with a wingspan of 22" and a length of 27".

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