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Eastbourne Monoplane

Eastbourne Monoplane

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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
25 h.p.
21 ft.
29 ft. 2 ft.
495 lbs.
698 lbs.
6 U.S. gals.
51 mph
125 fpm
970 feet
25 miles

The Eastbourne Monoplane was produced in 1913 by the Eastbourne Aviation Co., Ltd., England.

History shows the first contract for an airplane went to a Frenchman named Clement Ader in 1892. Although the Wright Brothers pioneered sustained and controlled powered flight, a number of other companies soon followed. By 1907 the United States Army was looking into the use of aircraft.

The Eastbourne Monoplane was unique for its time in that it was a single wing design. Early aircraft used a propeller pushing the aircraft from behind rather than pulling it from the front. The Eastbourne monoplane used a tractor propeller. Rather than wing warping where bracing wires were pulled to twist the wing's outer sections, roll was controlled with ailerons.

Most early aircraft were built using a biplane configuration. While generating a great deal of lift, the arrangement also resulted in a great deal of drag.

Some reasoned that if biplanes were successful, why not try three wings? Sets of two and three wings had to be braced by fairly substantial wires and joined together with interplane struts, which in themselves generated drag. This taxed early aircraft engines which did not produce much power per pound of weight.

A single wing of the same area would generate much less drag and, being more aerodynamic, would allow the aircraft to go much faster. That sort of forward thinking was the idea behind the Eastbourne Monoplane.

It appears that only one Eastbourne Monoplane aircraft was produced .

Eastbourne Monoplane
RC Eastbourne Monoplane from Tritle plans.

Pictured above is the rc Eastbourne Monoplane built from Pat Tritle plans. It has a 47" wingspan and is powered by a geared Speed 300 type motor.

The first picture below is the rc Eastbourne Monoplane from a kit for sale by Hobby-Lobby. Its wingspan is 43 1/2", and weight is around 20 oz. A geared Speed 400 type motor propels the scale rc model airplane.

The second picture below is of a rc giant scale Eastbourne Monoplane. It is 50% scale with a weight of 160 lbs. We do not know who built it, the wingspan, length, or type of power. If you can provide any additional information, we would appreciate it.

The rc Eastbourne Monoplane in the next picture is from a kit for sale by Mansano Laser Works. It is designed by Peter Rake and has a wingspan of 48". Power is by a geared Speed 400 motor and weight is about l lb. 4 oz. Plans for the scale model radio control airplane are also available separately.

The last picture below is of the rc Eastbourne Monoplane with a 52" wingspan built from Peter Rake plans available from the AMA Plans Service. Plan no. 50847.

The AMA Plans Service has plans for sale for a 36" wingspan rc Eastbourne Monoplane originally published in RC Model World. Plan no. 50517.

Red B of RC Universe posted three view drawings to help anyone interested in building a rc Eastbourne Monoplane.

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Eastbourne Monoplane
Hobby-Lobby rc Eastbourne Monoplane.

Eastbourne Monoplane
Giant Scale rc Eastbourne Monoplane.

Eastbourne Monoplane
Eastbourne Monoplane from a Mansano kit.

Eastbourne Monoplane
Peter Rake plans rc Eastbourne Monoplane.