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    Primary Function:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
one or two
2 x 738 h.p. ea.
42 ft. 9 in.
11 ft. 4 in.
36 ft.
3,951 lbs.
7,903 lbs.
153 mph
167 mph
1,600 fpm
17,200 feet
426 miles

Eurocopter 145
Eurocopter 145

The Eurocopter 145, medium, twin engine helicopter, is the latest version in a successful line that is prominent in the emergency rescue role. The aircraft is the result of the joint production effort of MBB with Kawasaki. This became part of Eurocopter.

The Eurocopter 145 is the successor to the BK 117. It retains its predecessors shape while increasing cabin size, updating avionics, and increasing engine power.

The roomy cabin of the Eurocopter 145 can carry up to nine passengers. Rear clam shell doors are large enough to provide easy access for stretchers and medical equipment. Up to two stretchers and three medical personnel can be accommodated. A searchlight, cabin mounted rescue winch, search radar, navigation system, and emergency flotation gear are all available equipment that can be carried by the helicopter.

In addition to emergency rescue and medical transport, the versatile aircraft is used for off shore oil platform support, as an executive transport, by police and fire departments, as a water and retardant dropping helicopter, and by the military as a light utility helicopter.

France has purchased 32 of the helicopters for use as air rescue vehicles. The United States has ordered 345 militarized Eurocopter 145 helicopters, designated the UH-72, for use as light utility helicopters. A number of other countries around the world are using or have ordered the helicopter as well.

Over 500 Eurocopter 145 helicopters of all types have been delivered to date. Over 400 of their BK 117 predecessors have been produced.

Eurocopter 145
Eurocopter 145

The Eurocopter 145 by Gunther Rausch is is 36 1/2" long, 10" wide, and 12 1/2" high with a 36 1/2" rotor. A Kontronic FUN 600/18 motor powers the 5 lb. radio control helicopter.
There are also a number of Eurocopter 145 kits available.

Skyhunter Hobby has the Eurocopter 145 glass fibre fuselage including skids in a 600 size. It is 46 3/4" long, with a width of 7" and a height of 12".

In addition to the Eurocopter 145 fuselage kits shown on this page, Century has a conversion kit of the Eurocopter 145 for Hummingbird V1 to V4.

High Torque has a Eurocopter 145 in a 220 size fuselage for Lama mechanics.

Eurocopter 145
Eurocopter 145

The Eurocopter 145 from Robbe that is gas engine powered is in the foreground with Gunter Rausch's electric powered model in the rear. Length is 78", height is 26 1/2", and rotor diameter is 69 1/2". The two piece fuselage kit includes skids. You can use from 15 to 23 cc engines for power.

Eurocopter 145
Eurocopter 145

The Eurocopter 145 from Baumann has a fiberglass epoxy fuselage that can accommodate glow, gasoline or turbine engines. Length is 71", width is 14" and height 17 1/2", with a 71" rotor diameter. Weight is around 14 lbs.

Eurocopter 145
Eurocopter 145

The Eurocopter 145 from Vario features two 20 piece fuselage kits for either Sky Fox or X-Treme mechanics and two 13 piece fuselage kits for either turbine or gas power. The latter are 70" in length and 11 1/2" wide.

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