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EC-665 Tiger

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    Primary Function:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
Turbomeca MTR 390
2 x 1,171 h.p. ea.
46 ft.
14 ft. 1 in.
42 ft. 7 in.
7,275 lbs.
13,225 lbs.
155 mph
175 mph
1,900 fpm
13,000 feet
500 miles

EC-665 Tiger
EC-665 Tiger

The EC-665 Tiger, produced by Eurocopter, is a battlefield helicopter whose primary mission is anti-tank. It is equipped with the latest all weather avionics, sensors, and systems to launch its short and long range missiles against enemy armor.

The Tiger helicopter project was initiated as a joint venture between France and Germany in 1984. The first production aircraft flew in 1991 and deployment began in 1998. Total development costs are reported to be about US$1.4 billion. Unit costs are between $38 and $48 million.

Originally 215 of the helicopters were to be used by France and some 200 by Germany. Those numbers are constantly being revised downward due to the poor economy.

The crew of the EC-665 Tiger enjoy excellent cockpit visibility. The seating is arranged so that the pilot sits low and forward in the helicopter, with the gunner behind and above.

The aiming site for the 30 mm cannon and missiles, in the nose of the Tiger, is incorporated into its night vision systems. This permits the pilot to aim through his helmet.

Some Tiger helicopters also incorporate a mast mounted sight containing a TV camera with laser and thermal technology.

The rotors of the EC-665 Tiger are made from composite materials and are tough enough to withstand small arms fire. Engines are armor plated, and the entire fuselage of the helicopter is comprised of a Kevlar composite that can stop 23 mm projectiles.

To date over 200 EC-665 Tiger helicopters are deployed, split between France and Germany. Australia and Spain both have about 20 helicopters each in operation.

EC-665 Tiger
EC-665 Tiger - Hirobo

The EC-665 Tiger from Hirobo is 65 3/4" long, has a 61" diameter rotor, and uses engines from .61 to .80.

EC-665 Tiger
EC-665 Tiger - Vario

The EC-665 Tiger fuselage from Vario for Sky Fox mechanics is comprised of nine pieces with a 65" length, 8" width and uses a 63" rotor.

EC-665 Tiger
EC-665 Tiger - HCW

The RTF EC-665 Tiger from HCW appears to be offered for sale on a trial basis while the company looks for distributors.

EC-665 Tiger - Scale Copter

The EC-665 Tiger fuselage from Scale Copter is 1:6 scale with a length of 98 1/2" and uses a 85" rotor for single or twin turbine power.

There are a limited number of radio control EC-665 Tiger helicopters available.

If you know of any other EC-665 Tiger helicopters, please email us.