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Exceed RC has a F-35 rc that comes ready to fly. Its wingspan is 24" and length is 33". Included is a 64 mm EDF unit and motor. Included is flight battery, charger, radio and receiver. Weight is around 20 oz.

Jay Essef sent us the following email: "The F-35 rc from Exceed RC comes with everything needed to fly including the radio. There is even a flight battery and charger. The flight battery will last about five minutes when flying at full throttle. You can extend flying times considerable by cruising at about two thirds power and only using full throttle for vertical maneuvers.

There are few parts to assemble, and the plane goes together quickly. It has fixed landing gear, with throttle, elevator, and elevator controls.

Flying the F-35 rc is a blast! With the control surfaces set up in neutral positions, it is a bit sensitive to control input. You may want to dial in some exponential for smoother flying. You can fly inverted at full throttle with just a little forward pressure on the stick. Aileron rolls are very fast. To do a big loop, a slight downward dive is necessary at full throttle to build up speed. Smaller loops are possible without first diving. There are no rudder controls and that limits some maneuvers. You need to keep the speed up a bit for landings. The F-35 rc will stall straight ahead without dropping a wing, but lose altitude very quickly. Its glide is very short.

All in all the F-35 rc is a great looking, good flying airplane. You will have lots of fun flying it." Thank you Jay for some good information about the Exceed F-35 rc.

RC F-35
F-35 RC

The F-35 rc from NitroPlanes looks very real when silhouetted against the sky. Wingspan is 28" and it is 38" long. A brushless motor turns a 64 mm fan unit. Weight is right around 23 oz. ready to fly.

F-35 RC
F-35 RC

The F-35 rc by GPI Models has a 27.5" wingspan. Motors can be a Kontronics Fun 400-36 or Fun 400-28. GPI suggests using the Wemotec Mini Fan 480.

F-35 RC
F-35 RC

Plans for the F-35 rc designed by Mr. Boogie can be found at Parkjets.com. The fantastic scale model rc airplane's wingspan is 21". It is powered by an electric mini-fan and made out of foam. This is for experienced modelers only.

RC F-35 RC
F-35 RC

The F-35 rc from RCShop.eu has a wingspan of 32" and a length of 37.5". Recommended power is from a Fantex 6xx EDF.

F-35 RC
F-35 RC

The F-35 rc from Amax toys.com comes ready to fly including a motor with 64 mm electric ducted fan. Wingspan is 23" and length is 27 1/2". Weight is only about 14 oz.

RC F-35
F-35 RC

Shenzhen Lanxiang Models has a F-35 rc. Its wingspan is 33 1/2" and length is 46 1/2". Included is a 2400 Kv motor that produces 46 oz. of thrust and a vectoring 70 mm EDF unit. The F-35 rc has a total of 13 servos. In addition it comes with an eight channel radio, and speed controller. Ready to fly weight is around 47 oz.

There is a F-35 rc from Oakdale Aircraft. The rc airplane has a wingspan of 30" and a length of 40". You can power it with a Mini 480 EDF or .18 - .21 DF.

Hobby-Lobby has a F-35 rc. Its wingspan is 31", length is 47" and weight is about 2 lbs. 4 oz. Included is a motor with 70 mm EDF unit with a 360 degree rotating exhaust.

Lee RC Models has a F-35 rc with a wingspan of 30" and a length of 43". Its included motor drives a 70 mm ducted fan. Weight is about 21 oz.

Blitz RC Works has a ready to fly F-35 rc. Its wingspan is 24" and length is 33". Its ducted fan has a diameter of 64 mm.

Huayu Hobby has a F-35 rc. The foamy rc airplane has a 30" wingspan with a 43" length and weighs about 22 oz. Included is a motor turning a 70 mm fan unit.

Kokmax has a F-35 rc. Wingspan is 27", length is 40" and its motor turns a 64 mm EDF.

Starmax has a F-35 rc with a 23" wingspan and a 33" length. Its motor turns a 64 MM fan unit.

Dianzhe has a F-35 rc. It comes ready to fly and has a 23" wingspan, a 27 1/2" length and weighs around 14 oz. Its 3900 kV motor turns a 64 mm EDF unit.

KS Models has a F-35 rc. It has a 32" wingspan and needs a motor and 70 mm EDF unit.

Shenzhen's F-35 rc has a wingspan of 23" and length of 27.5". It has a motor and 64 mm fan unit. It is also sold as a RTF.

Shenzhen Model-Fans has a F-35 rc. Wingspan is 33 1/2", length is 46 1/2" and weight is 42 oz. It features a thrust vectoring 45 oz. thrust motor that turns a 70 mm EDF. Weight all-up is about 42 oz.

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