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       Primary Function:
       Weight Empty:
       Max. Weight:
       Machine Guns:
       Max. Speed:
       Initial Climb:
       First Flight:
       Year Deployed:
Allison J35
5,560 lbs.
11,500 lbs.
23,350 lbs.
6- 12.7 mm
4,450 lbs.
38 ft. 1 in.
36 ft. 5 in.
620 mph
3,750 fpm
40,500 feet
1,000 miles

Republic F-84
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The F-84, produced by Republic starting in 1947 was called the Thunderjet. It was the first U.S. fighter to be produced after the end of World War II and the first USAF fighter able to carrying nuclear ordnance. No subsonic straight-wing jet fighters were deployed in numbers by the U.S. Air Force after the Republic F-84.

U.S. Air Force Thunderjets saw action during the Korean War. Successful bombing by Republic F-84 aircraft of dams in May of 1953 resulted in the complete loss of electrical power in North Korea. Although not an air supremacy aircraft, the F-84 managed to damage or down over 100 North Korean fighter aircraft during the war.

The Strategic Air Command used the Republic F-84 as escorts for their heavy bombers. They were the first fighter aircraft capable of mid-air refueling. During August of 1953 F-84 aircraft, with in flight refueling, flew 4,485 miles without landing from the United States to Great Britain. It was the longest flight ever undertaken by single engine fighter aircraft to that date.

The swept wing F-84 Thunderstreak was developed from the straight wing aircraft. It first took to the air on June 3, 1950. Over 3,400 of the aircraft were produced, but they were plagued by engine and handling problems.

A total of over 10,950 Republic F-84 aircraft of all types were produced. The last U.S. straight wing F-84 aircraft were removed from active service in 1957, while the swept-wing F-84 aircraft were deployed into 1971.

Republic F-84
We received the following email from Will Beavor: "I just saw you have a picture of my Republic F-84 model. You wanted to know some details: Wingspan: 38 1/2" , 42 3/4" with tip tanks, length: 40 3/4", fan unit: WeMoTec Mini-fan 480, motor: Kontronik Fun 400-36, ESC: Kontronik Jazz 55-6-18 with BEC, battery: 11 x GP2200 NiMh, controls: elevator, ailerons and throttle, weight: 3 1/2 lbs. (1578g) with flight battery, construction: glassfibre fuselage and tip tanks, balsa wings and tailplane. I built another F-84 (with a more powerful setup in it) and I put a clear detailed cockpit on both -I have attached a picture (see directly above). - Best Regards, Will Beavor." Thank you very much for the picture and information about your F-84's, Will. Those are fine looking airplanes!

Republic F-84
The swept wing Republic F-84 for sale from K & A Models, built by Mike Warren. It has a wingspan of 33". Materials used in the construction are a fiberglass fuselage and foam core wings. At least a 400 watt brushless motor should be used for power, driving either a mini 480 or 609 fan unit.  All up weight is between 3 and 3 1/2 lbs.

Republic F-84 slope soarer from Paul Janssens plans. It has a wingspan of 35" and uses ailerons and elevator controls. You can find the plans in the PSS Model Plans directory.

The Republic F-84 from PST Jets has a wingspan of 90 1/2" and a length of 83". It has a composite fuse and balsa laminate wings. PST recommends their J1300 or J1600 turbine engine. Dry weight is around 31 lbs.

The Republic F-84 built by Dotcom of RC Groups wingspan is 33 1/2" and it is 35 1/2" long. The fuselageis all wood and wings are balsawoood over foam. Power comes from a Mega 16/15/2 motor turning a 70 mm EDF unit.

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