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Fairey Barracuda

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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Machine Guns:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
dive bomber
RR Merlin 32
1,640 hp
39' 9:
49' 2"
9,800 lbs.
14,080 lbs.
2 x .303 inch
1 x 1,640 lbs.
210 mph
240 mph
1,400 fpm
21,760 feet
1150 miles

The Fairey Barracuda became operational with the Royal Navy during the second World War, operating as a torpedo and dive bomber from aircraft carriers.

It was the first all metal monoplane British torpedo bomber.

In order to operate from small escort carriers, Fairey Barracuda aircraft were fitted with rocket assisted take off.

The Fairey Barracuda Mark III, first flown in 1943, carried a surface sweep radar for use against enemy shipping. This proved especially effective in detecting enemy submarines.

The Fairey Barracuda may be best known for their role in the crippling of the German battleship Tripitz in Kaa Fjord, Norway on April 3, 1944. Despite heavy enemy defensive fire, the 42 aircraft flight scored fifteen bomb hits on the battleship, putting it out of action for three months. Two were lost in the operation.

Fairey Barracuda aircraft became operational in the Pacific Theatre in April of 1944. They were particularly effective when used against enemy positions in preparation for landings on the island of Sumatra.

Some 2,572 of the aircraft were produced making the Fairey Barracuca one of the ugliest mass produced aircraft in the world.

Fairey Barracuda from NitroPlanes.

Pictured above is the Fairey Barracuda from NitroPlanes.  It comes ready to fly. It has a wingspan of 35" and a length of 30 1/2". Power comes from a 370 type motor. It is available in a variety of color schemes. All up weight is about 17 oz.

Pictured first below is the magnificent control line Fairey Barracuda scratch built by E. Fallini. It should make an easy conversion to a RC Airplane.

The second picture below is of the Fairey Barracuda scratch built by Steve Griffith.  It has a wingspan of 37". Construction materials used are balsa and hard woods.   All up weight is 25 oz.

The last two pictures on this page are of the Fairey Barracuda built by Massimo Rickler. He writes: "Hi, my name is Massimo Rickler, I'm 46 years old and live in Torino (Italy). Here is my electric powered Fairey Barracuda: the model is almost completely CNC cut foam build and then covered with light paper; 4 channels + flaps. I used an outrunner brushless motor "Hacker style" KDA20- 22L (made in China) with a 18A ESC; 6 HS55 servos. Span 123cm (48.4"), length 105cm (41.4"), weight 750gr (26.4oz), lipo 3S1P 1700mA. I will paint the model in the 2 colors Royal Navy scheme (1950)."

Has anyone seen any other Fairey Barracuda we need to include on this page? It may not be beautiful, but with its high wing and reasonably long nose and tail moments, a Fairey Barracuda would probably fly like a trainer.

Fairey Barracuda scratch built by E. Fallini.

Fairey Barracuda built by Steve Griffith.

Fairey Barracuda built by Massimo Rickler.

Langanese of RCGroups said he is building a Fairey Barracuda. It is to have a 54" wingspan and use electric power. We have tried to contact Langanese for more details, and hopefully pictures of his Fairey Barracuda and are awaiting his reply.

There is an Airage Fairey Barracuda advertised at some retailers. It is the typical toy junk that gives rc scale model airplanes a bad name. It is made by Interactive, Hong Kong, and does not even resemble a Fairey Barracuda.

John Bruno writes:  "I live in Cardiff and fly with the Gaer Park MFC on the outskirts of Newport. I've got a Fairey Barracuda you might want to see. It's an own design as most will be, and flies beautifully. The only thing I had to do was to cut the elevator throws down as the pitch control was was too coarse for comfortable operation. It uses a Czech made AXI copy at 400W on 14.8 volts. The power comes from a 4000ma 4 cell 20c pack. The Fairey Barracuda weighs in at 2.5 kg and spans a convenient 58" and is 50" in length. I'm well pleased with both it's handling characteristics and it's appearance in flight as you keep an eye on the speed. The Fairey Barracuda is currently grounded while I attend to some canopy alterations."

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