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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
Rolls Royce Griffon
1,900 h.p.
9,750 lbs.
14,000 lbs.
4- 20 mm
1,000 lbs.
37 ft. 7 in.
44 ft. 6 in.
316 mph
1,900 fpm
28,000 feet
1,300 miles

Fairey Firefly aircraft origins can be traced back as far as 1926 when Britain's Fleet Air Arm first deployed fast aircraft which served both fighter and reconnaissance duties.

When the Fairey Firefly first took to the sky in December of 1941, it was continuing the reconnaissance and fighter line of aircraft tradition.

Fairey Firefly
Fairey Firefly slope soarer from Traplet plans. It has a wingspan of 45" and uses ailerons, rudder, and elevator for controls. All up weight is about 39 ounces.

When deployed in 1943 the Fairey Firefly became the Royal Navy's principal carrier borne attack aircraft. The aircraft first saw action against the German battleship Tirpitz in July of 1944.

There is a Fairey Firefly kit for sale by RC Store.com.  Wingspan is 49 1/2".  Power can come from .25 to .40 engines or electric motors. Flying weight is about 4 3/4 lbs.

Warbird Kits has a Fairey Firefly kit for sale. It has a wingspan of 31" and weighs about 1 lb. Power can come from Speed 480 size motors.

The AMA has Fairey Firefly plans for sale. The smaller builds to a 50" wingspan and is from Flying Models. Plan no. 32720.

The larger Fairey Firefly plans for sale from the AMA build to a 62" wingspan. They are from Complete A Pack. Plan no. 26599.

Fairey Firefly
The Fairey Firefly built by Dave Collins has a wingspan of 34" and is powered by a Pro 480 motor. Weight is about one pound.

The Fairey Firefly was faster than its predecessor by a good 40 mph. It was armed with four 20 mm cannons in the place of the eight machine guns of its predecessor. While not an air superiority aircraft, the Fairey Firefly did excel in the role of armed reconnaissance.

Fairey Firefly
The great looking Fairey Firefly built by Carl Bachhuber. Wingspan is 114".  Carl installed flaps and retracts on his model and powers it with a 3W75i engine.

Pilots appreciated the excellent low speed handling characteristics of the Fairey Firefly, a plus for carrier borne aircraft.

Fairey Firefly
Carl Bachhuber and his Fairey Firefly. Carl says that he was originally hesitant about flying it due to its high wing loading. However, he found that when the flaps are deployed it slows down nicely, making landings easy.

Some Fairey Firefly aircraft incorporated the first airborne radar to be fitted to a Royal Navy airplane. These aircraft were further equipped with exhaust suppressors to keep the engine exhaust glow from giving away the aircraft's position on dark nights. They were used as night fighters and night interceptors.

Fairey Firefly
The Fairey Firefly built from a kit for sale by Vanguard Plans. It is made from balsa and plywood and has a wingspan of 49". Engines can be a .25 2C or .30 4C. Plans are also for sale separately.

Soon after VJ day, Fairey Firefly aircraft participated in supply drops to POW camps on the Japanese mainland. They remained in service well after World War II. A number saw action during the Korean War, primarily as ground attack aircraft.

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As late as 1962, Royal Netherlands Fairey Firefly aircraft were in action over Indonesia.

A total of 1,702 Fairey Firefly aircraft of all types were produced.

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