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General Dynamics F-16XL

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       Primary Function:
       Weight Empty:
       Max. Weight:
       Cruise Speed:
       Max. Speed:
       Climb Rate:
       First Flight:
one or two
GE F110-GE129
1 x 29,000 lbs.
22,000 lbs.
48,000 lbs.
1 - 20 mm
15,000 lbs.
54' 2"
34'  3"
600 mph
1,500 mph
60,000 fpm
50,000 feet
2,850 miles

Two General Dynamics F-16XL aircraft were built to explore the ability of supersonic cruise without the use of an afterburner combined with acceptable maneuverability, takeoff and landing characteristics.

The unique "crank-arrow" wing allows for low supersonic wave drag plus excellent handling throughout the performance range.

The wings of the General Dynamics F-16 were replaced by the crank-arrow design with approximately 20% more total area than that of the standard aircraft.

Space-age light weight building materials helped keep the weight down, although, even with them, the F-16XL is nearly 3,000 lbs. heavier than the standard aircraft.

Other modifications included a 4.6 foot addition to the fuselage, removal of the ventral fins to improve ground clearance, and three degrees of positive incidence added to the tail section. Fuel load was up over 80%, maximum payload nearly doubled and range improved by 40%. A total of 27 hard points were on the aircraft.

The F-16XL had 11% less drag during sub-sonic flight and 25% less drag in supersonic flight than the standard aircraft. Low altitude flight at high speeds is said to be much smoother.

NASA had been using the General Dynamics F-16XL for testing the effects of boundary layer pressures, distribution and improving laminar air flow, while flying at supersonic speeds. The aircraft was equipped with strips of tubing along the wing edges for pressure test measurements.

Although a successful design, the USAF has opted for more standard design aircraft over the General Dynamics F-16XL to save expenses.

The General Dynamics F-16XL from Parkjets Plans is built by Hans Joachim. Wingspan is 30". A Himax 2015-4100 with gearing at 4.4:1 is used for power.

The General Dynamics F-16 XL built by Hans Joachim from behind.

General Dynamics F-16XL built by Electric Eye of RC Groups.

The General Dynamics F-16XL from Flying Styro. Wingspan is 23” and length is 27”. You can use a Versa 55 EDF or Speed 400 pusher prop for propulsion.

General Dynamics F-16XL built by unknown.

We received the following email with the above picture: "The General Dynamics F-16XL is a one-off scratch built model by a New Zealand modeler (don't know name). Length: 80", wingspan: 53"; weight (unknown); fiberglass and foam; for ducted fan (or turbine conversion). Noteworthy because he built the proper "stretch" into the fuselage as was done with the full scale General Dynamics F-16XL. Overall a very nicely done scale model of the General Dynamics F-16XL. Regards, Mike"

The General Dynamics F-16 XL is a rarely modeled aircraft. We don't know of any other examples except the ones found on this page.  If you do, please email us.