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Gloster Gladiator
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       Primary Function:
       Weight Empty:
       Max. Weight:
       Machine Guns:
       Max. Speed:
       Initial Climb:
       First Flight:
       Year Deployed:

Mercury radial
840 h.p.
3,450 lbs.
4,750 lbs.
4- 7.7 mm
27' 5"
32' 3"
253 mph
2,200 fpm
33,000 feet
340 miles

Gloster Gladiator aircraft were the last biplane fighters of the RAF. By most accounts, by the time they were deployed in 1937, the aircraft were already obsolete.

In addition to the RAF, starting in 1938, the Gloster Gladiator served on board the aircraft carriers of the Fleet Air Arm.

In November of 1939, they were assigned to service in France. When the Luftwaffe attacked in May of 1940, it was the Gloster Gladiator that met them over France. Unfortunately they proved no match to modern Luftwaffe aircraft.

The aircraft had much more success in action over Norway against Luftwaffe bombers. A single Gloster Gladiator claimed victories over five enemy bombers over Norway in a single flight.

After being withdrawn from front line service, Gloster Gladiators continued to serve as communications and meteorological aircraft through 1944.  About 750 of the aircraft were produced.

Gloster Gladiator built by Admiral Piett.

Pictured above and immediately below is the great looking Gloster Gladiator built by Admiral Piett of RC Groups. It has a wingspan of 29". Powering it is a CD ROM motor turning a 7 x 4 prop.

The next picture below is of a Gloster Gladiator built from a DC Maxicuters kit. It is designed by John Hunton. Wingspan is 32". Recommended power comes from an AXI 2212/34 motor turning a 10 x 5 prop.

Traplet has plans for sale of a 56" wingspan Gloster Gladiator. They recommend two cycle engines from .60 to .91.

Kit Cutters has two kits of the Gloster Gladiator from Jim Pepino plans. The smaller model has a wingspan of 63", a length of 55" and should be powered with a ST2500 engine. The larger has a wing span of 79" and a length of 68 1/2". It needs a G38 or Q40 engine for power.

Kit Cutters also has a number of Gloster Gladiator rc airplanes from Cleveland Model plans for sale. Wing spans are 32", 48", 64 1/2" and 99".

Complete A Pac has a kit for sale of a Gloster Gladiator. It has a 56" wingspan and can be powered by .60 to .91 two stroke engines. It is made from balsa and plywood and has a fiberglass cowl.

The bottom picture on this page is of a Gloster Gladiator built by Kartman 24 of RC Groups. It has a wingspan of 65". Power comes from an AXI 4130/20 motor turning a 16 x 10 prop. All up weight is 12 lbs.

We received the following email from Ramses de Loof:
"I came across your website about the Gloster Gladiator. Maybe you would like to know I`m building a scale model of the Gloster Gladiator at 1/6.9 scale (Brian Taylor plans as a base & using construction drawings, photo`s etc). The link to the built:
Best regards - Ramses de Looff"

Anglia Model Center has a Gloster Gladiator kit. It has a 56" wingspan, is of all wood construction, and needs from .60 to .91 2C engine power.

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Gloster Gladiator.

DC Maxicuters Gloster Gladiator.

Kartman 24 and his Gloster Gladiator.