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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Machine Guns:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
Wright R1820 radial
950 h.p.
3,300 lbs.
4,800 lbs.
2- 116 lbs. ea.
1- 7.62 & 1- 12.7 mm
23 ft 2 in.
32 ft.
265 mph
2,800 fpm
33,000 feet
1,000 miles

Grumman F3F
Grumman F3F

The Grumman F3F concept originated when the U.S. Navy requested a two seat biplane fighter in 1931. This was the beginning of a long relationship between Grumman and the United States Navy.

The prototype aircraft produced by Grumman was an all-metal design that had retractable landing gear. It had a top speed of 195 mph. This was faster than other fighter aircraft currently in U.S. Navy service at the time.

Grumman continued improvements on the original aircraft that resulted in a single seat U.S. Navy fighter. It was more powerful and larger than the original two seat aircraft, and contained numerous aerodynamic improvements as well. The aircraft became the Grumman F3F.

Grumman F3F aircraft were deployed in 1936 aboard the aircraft carriers USS Ranger and USS Saratoga. The United States Marine Corps also employed the fighter and continued their use through October of 1941.

A total of 147 Grumman F3F aircraft of all types were produced.

Grumman F3F
Grumman F3F

The Grumman F3F is a terrific scale model radio control airplane subject. Unfortunately it is not modeled very much. We are hoping to see more in the near future.

Pictured above is the Grumman F3F for sale from Warbird Kits. The kit will build to a wingspan of 32". Flying weight will be between 14 and 20 ounces.

Pictured first below is Jeff O'Brien launching his Grumman F3F. Jeff had yet to choose a color scheme and covered his model in clear coat for its first flights. It has a 32" wingspan and a length of 23". It is powered by a Himax 2015-5400 motor geared 5.33:1 spinning a 9 x 7 prop.

The second picture below is of Dave Johnson's scratch built Grumman F3F making a bomb drop. It has a wingspan of 26", retracts, and is powered by a Rimfire 250 motor.

The next picture is of a Grumman F3F photographed in Germany. It has a wingspan of 130". Power comes from a 200 cc engine.  All up weight is 81 lbs.

The bottom picture is of the Grumman F3F built by Modelmaster 2001 of RC Groups. It has a wingspan of 54" and is powered by a O.S. .61 engine. Weight is about 8 1/4 lbs.

Aerofred.com has three view drawings to help build a Grumman F3F.

RC Modeler has plans for sale of the two seat civilian version of the Grumman F3F. It has a wingspan of 54" and a length of 48 1/2". Power comes from a .61 two stroke engine. Construction is of balsa and plywood. The plans are under the name "Gulfhawk."

At RC Groups you can find plans posted by planeman for a Grumman F3F.

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Grumman F3F
Grumman F3F - Jeff O'Brien

Grumman F3F
Grumman F3F - Dave Johnson.

Grumman F3F
Grumman F3F on display.

Grumman F3F - Modelmaster 2001's

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