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Grumman X-29

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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Climb Rate:
        First Flight:
GE F404
1- 16,000 lbs.
48' 1"
27' 2"
17,800 lbs.
460 mph
1,200 mph
34,500 fpm est.
55,000 feet
1 hour

On December 13, 1985, the Grumman X-29 became the first supersonic forward swept wing (FSW) aircraft.

There were two built using F-5 airframes. The test program continued for almost ten years.

The Grumman X-29 design exhibited decreased turbulence over conventional jet fighter designs and generally excellent maneuverability.

The forward swept wing configuration of the experimental aircraft made it inherently unstable. It relied on computerized flight controls for constant flight corrections.

The flight control system was made up of six redundant computers. It was estimated that a total systems failure was as likely as a mechanical failure in other aircraft.

The Grumman X-29 is currently on display at the National Museum of the U. S. Air Force located at Wright Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio.

Chris Reiter's Grumman X-29.

NitroPlanes has a Grumman X-29. It has a wingspan of 39 1/2" and a length of 58". Its fuselage is made from fiberglass and its wings are built up balsa. You will need a motor and 90 mm EDF unit for power.

Pictured above is the Grumman X-29 scratch built by Chris Reiter. It has a length of 43" and a wingspan of 27". Power for the pusher prop comes from a GWS EPS-350 geared motor swinging a 8 x 6 propeller. All up weight is around 16 oz.

The first picture below is of a great looking unidentified Grumman X-29 found in RCGroups. If you have any information about the radio control airplane, we would appreciate hearing from you.

The second picture below is of a Grumman X-29 by Foam Fanatic of RCGroups. It is 40" long and has a wingspan of 22.5". Foam Fanatic powers his Gruman X-29 with a Little Screamers Park Jet motor.

The final picture on this page is of a Grumman X-29 scratch built by Phil Lamb. Phil used all foam construction. Specifications are a 28" wingspan, and a 48" length. An AXI 2208 motor provides the pushing power.

Easy Tiger Models has the Grumman X-29 as ARF and as RTF.  Construction is a fiberglass body with built-up balsa wings.  It is sold with  or without retractable landing gear installed and with or without a Tigerfan 101 mm EDF unit. installed. Dimensions are a wingspan of 40" with a length of 58".  Ready to fly weight is about 104 oz.

We found a Grumman X-29 at the Fly-Model website. It has a 39 1/2" wingspan and 58" length. Weight is about 7 lbs.

Grumman X-29 built by unknown.

Grumman X-29 built by Foam Fanatic.

Phil Lamb's Grumman X-29.

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