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Hawker Tempest For Sale

Hawker Tempest For Sale
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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Machine Guns:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        Year Deployed:
2,420 hp.
4 blade 14 ft. dia.
9,000 lbs.
13,550 lbs.
4- 20 mm
8 - 60 lb.
33 ft. 8 in.
41 ft.
310 mph
426 mph
4,520 fpm
37,000 feet
820 miles

Hawker Tempest For Sale
Hawker Tempest For Sale

You will find specifications, many with pictures, detailing over 15 scale model radio control airplanes of the Hawker Tempest for sale here.

Pictured immediately above and below is the Hawker Tempest for sale built by David Wigley. The rc airplane is from a Vailly Aviation kit. Wingspan is 96" and length is 81 1/2". Recommended power can come from 3.7 to 4.2 c.i.d. engines. David uses a Quadra Q-75 for power. All up weight can range from 30 to 40 lbs.

Hawker Tempest
Hawker Tempest For Sale

The Hawker Tempest for sale was developed from the Typhoon. It had a longer fuselage and thinner laminar flow wings for improved climb and high altitude performance. Five versions of the Tempest were proposed for the testing of different engine installations. Three of the versions eventually saw service. They were the Mk II, Mk V, and Mk VI.

The first Hawker Tempest for sale to take to the sky was the Mk V version. It first flew on Sept. 2, 1942. It was powered by a Napier Sabre II engine and had the distinctive radiator beneath the engine of its predecessor. It was the only Tempest aircraft that saw action during World War II.

The first RAF Tempest wing was established in April of 1944. Initially the aircraft was used in the ground attack role, taking out tanks, artillery, and military railroad trains. The aircraft then was used to intercept V-1 flying bombs and excelled in the role. Its low level speed was the fastest of all RAF aircraft.

The Hawker Tempest was credited with downing a total of 638 V-1 flying bombs from June 13 through Sept. 5, 1944. In 1944 Hawker Tempest aircraft accounted for one third of all V-1 flying bombs downed. They downed almost 900 of the flying bombs before the war ended.

Hawker Tempest aircraft supported Allied ground troops on their march towards Berlin. During their initial 30 days of operations, they downed 52 Luftwaffe aircraft.

In ground attack operations Tempest aircraft strafed and bombed vital German supply lines putting almost 100 locomotives out of action.

As part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force, RAF Tempest aircraft are credited with the downing of some 20 Luftwaffe Me-262 jet aircraft. Rather than intercepting the jets directly, they flew over the airfields where the jets were based. They pounced on the jets when they slowed to land and were unable to accelerate quickly.

After World War II, Hawker Tempest Mk V aircraft were relegated to duty as target tugs. The Tempest Mk VI became the standard fighter for the RAF in the Middle East until they were replaced by jets in 1949.

The Tempest Mk II had its radiator moved from the nose of the aircraft, beneath the engine, to the leading edge of the wings. Fuel tanks were moved from the wings to the fuselage. It bore the least resemblance of all RAF Tempest aircraft to its predecessor.

The Tempest Mk II, that entered RAF service in November of 1945 was powered by a 2,520 hp Centaurus engine. It was supposed to be used in operations against the Japanese in the Pacific. However, the war ended before it could be deployed as part of the planned Tiger Force.

The majority of Hawker Tempest for sale Mk II aircraft served outside of Great Britain. Three squadrons were based in Germany from 1946 through 1949. During the Berlin Airlift RAF Tempest aircraft of No. 33 Squadron were based at RAF Gatow, Berlin, to demonstrate British fighter power in the area. Later, No. 33 Squadron moved their operations to the Far East where they saw limited action against Malayan terrorists in 1950 and 1951.

A total of 1,414 Hawker Tempest aircraft of all types were sold.

Hawker Tempest For Sale

The Hawker Tempest for sale from Pitch Scala Hobby has a wingspan of 80". Fuselage length comes to 69". You will need a 30 ccm engine for power.

Hawker Tempest For Sale

Pictured immediately above and below is the Hawker Tempest for sale built by Ian Bailey. It is from his own Scale Models plans. Wingspan is 77" and length is 64". You will need a minimum 20 cc four cycle engine or from 25 to 44 cc two cycle engines for power. All up weight will be about 13 lbs.

Hawker Tempest For Sale

Kit Cutters Inc. has a Hawker Tempest for sale. The rc airplane is from Jerry Bates Plans. Wingspan is 87". Recommended power can be a ST-3000 or Zenoah G-62 engine.

If you are looking for something much smaller, you may want to check out the Hawker Tempest for sale from Green Air Design. It has a wingspan of just 22". Depron makes up the material used to construct it. Green Air recommends a GAD brushless motor for power.

Kit Cutters has a 75.5" wingspan Hawker Tempest for sale. It comes from Nexus plans. It is available as a short kit, full kit, or plans.

Modellbau Bichler has a Hawker Tempest for sale with a wingspan of 98", a length of 83", and a weight of about 30 lbs. It has a fiberglass fuselage and foam sheeted wings. Engines are from 60 to 90 ccm.

I.M.P. Scale has a Hawker Tempest for sale as a kit. Wingspan is 81" and length is 67". Materials are balsa and plywood. Weight is around 19 lbs.

Skyshark RC has a Hawker Tempest for sale. The balsa and ply kit builds to a 54" wingspan and a 45" length. Engines are from .45 to .61 and weight is about 6 lbs.

Hobby Hangar has a Hawker Tempest for sale as a kit that is all wood. Its wingspan is 41" and length is 34". From .15 to .25 engines will power the 3 lb. airplane.

Brian Taylor has plans of the Hawker Tempest for sale. The scale rc model has a 61 1/2" wingspan and a 47" length. It needs .60 2C or .80 4C power and weighs around 10 lbs.

Alfa Model has a park flyer Hawker Tempest for sale. Its wingspan is just 33" and length 27". The 1 lb. model needs a Speed 300 type motor.

S&B Models has a Hawker Tempest for sale that has an EPP fuselage and sheeted foam wings. Its wingspan is 33", weight is around 1 lb., and recommended motor is a Speed 400 type.

RC Universe shows a Hawker Tempest for sale in a kit from Heritage RC for .40 to .59 engines.

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