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       Primary Function:
       Weight Empty:
       Max. Weight:
       Machine Guns:
       Max. Speed:
       Initial Climb:
       First Flight:
       Year Deployed:
R R in-line 12 cylinder
640 h.p.
2,740 lbs.
3,600 lbs.
2- 7.7 mm
26' 9"
30' 0"
223 mph
2,600 fpm
29,500 feet
270 miles

The Hawker Fury biplane was one of the most maneuverable, responsive, easy to fly fighter aircraft of its day. Its in-line 12 cylinder Rolls Royce engine provided relatively high speed, good acceleration, and an excellent rate of climb.

The Hawker Fury was the first RAF fighter to exceed 200 mph in level flight, and one of the easiest handling airplanes for formation flying. That made it an air show favorite with pilots and spectators alike.

The Hawker Fury was the primary fighter of the RAF from 1932 through 1937, when it was replaced in front line service by more modern aircraft. Thereafter some remained in service with the RAF as trainers through 1939.

About a third of the Hawker Fury's produced were exported to British allies around the world. A number were still in service with Yugoslavia during the German invasion of the country in April of 1941. The British built fighters fared poorly against modern Luftwaffe warbirds.

A total of some 275 Hawker Fury aircraft of all types were produced.

A Hawker Fury built from a Manzano Laser Works kit.  It has a wingspan of 32" and a length of 27". A geared GWS EPS 350 motor provides power. All up weight is 1 lb. 3 oz.

Cleveland Models & Supply has plans for sale of the Hawker Fury in wingspans of 15", 23", 30 1/2", 46", 61" and 92".

Airborne Magazine has plans for sale of a Hawker Fury. It has a wingspan of 30". Power can come from a TD .09 engine.

Peter Rake has Hawker Fury plans for sale. These are for a sport model with a 33" wingspan. Weight is about 1 lb. 3 oz. with a geared Speed 400 size motor.

Replikit has a Hawker Fury kit for sale with a 25 1/2" wingspan for rubber power. It has been converted to radio control.

Bob Holman has Hawker Fury plans for sale. They are a Dennis Bryant design with a wingspan of 60".

Plans were for sale on eBay for a Hawker Fury with a wingspan of 72 1/2".

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The Hawker Fury built from Traplet Publications plans. Wingspan is 48". A Maxcim 13Y motor geared 3.69:1 is recommended power. When completed it will weigh about 114 oz.

Hawker Fury converted to radio control from a Flair Models free flight kit.  It has a wingspan of 26" and was originally intended for rubber power. A CD ROM motor geared 4.5:1 turning a 8 x 4 prop provides the motivation.

The Hawker Fury Giant scale airplane built from AMA plans. Wingspan is 72". Plans call for engine powered, but is should easily convert to motor power. The AMA plan number is #24632.

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