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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Machine Guns:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed
    Year Deployed:
Junkers Jumo
2- V 1,350 hp ea.
19,100 lbs.
30,800 lbs.
1-13mm, 4-7.92mm
5,500 lbs.
53' 10"
74' 1"
215 mph
270 mph
27,500 feet
1,200 miles

RC Heinkel He 111 by Airworld Modellbau.

The rc Heinkel He 111 from an Airworld Modellbau kit built by Karl Schultz, pictured above, has a wingspan of 73 1/4", and a length of 56". Construction is all fiberglass.  Recommended power are a pair of Mega 22/20/4 motors.

Developed from a pre-war design, the Heinkel He 111 was based on a single engine aircraft that set numerous speed records in the early 1930's.

When the aircraft began development in 1934, it was as a civilian airliner. This was so that it would be in compliance with the Treaty of Versailles. In fact, when it first flew in February of 1935, it was the most advanced bomber aircraft of the time.

RC Heinkel He 111 by Nitro Planes.

The rc Heinkel He 111 from Nitro Planes is sold under the name "Mars". It is a foamy with a 16 1/2" wingspan and 16" length. Included with the RTF are a two channel radio and a flight battery.

The Heinkel He 111 first saw action as part of the Condor Legion, flying in support of the Fascists during the Spanish Civil War. It could fly faster than many fighters, when it was originally introduced, and proved an effective troop support aircraft and bomber over Spain. The early victories of German troops when employing Blitzkrieg warfare was largely due to support from Heinkel He 111 aircraft.

However, when the aircraft was later used in the Battle of Britain, it proved no match for English aircraft and had many losses.

RC Heinkel He 111 by Vanguard Vancouver.

The rc Heinkel He 111 from a kit by Vanguard Vancouver has a scale of 1/10 with a wingspan of 89".  Two .50 two stroke engines are recommended.  RTF weight should be around 20 lbs.

David Jenista of Grand Rapids, MI wrote to tell us about Vanguard Vancouver and their rc Heinkel He 111.  Thank you David.

In 1940 the Heinkel He 111 was withdrawn from daylight bombing operations. It continued to perform as an effective night bomber through 1942. At that time it was phased out of front line service as a bomber, but soldiered on in the roles of torpedo bomber, glider tug, and troop transport. A few even saw service in the latter days of the war as flying launch vehicles for V1 flying bombs. The He 111 remained in German production until 1944.

Over 7,300 of the aircraft were produced for the Luftwaffe, with an additional 236 produced by CASA, Spain under license.

Spanish built Heinkel He 111 aircraft, fitted with Rolls Royce Merlin engines, continued in operation through 1965.

RC Heinkel He 111 from Graupner.

The rc Heinkel He 111 from Graupner has a wingspan of 79" with a length of 50" and is of all wood construction.  The ARF will accept either engine or motor power.  Weight is about 6 1/2 lbs.

Modleair-Tech has plans for a rc Heinkel He 111 with a wingspan of 55" and a length of 40".  You can use a pair of Speed 480 motors for power.

We recently saw a rc Heinkel He 111 on eBay.  It had a wingspan of 75". No other details were given.

Ducted Fans.com has a rc Heinkel He 111. It has a 75" wingspan and a length of 55". Weight is around 7 1/2 lbs. A Hacker B50 or similar motor is recommended to power the ARF.

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