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RC Mr. Mulligan
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    US$ Cost:
    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Fuel Capacity:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Cruise:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
P&W Wasp radial
830 hp.
2,600 lbs.
5,350 lbs.
1,800 lbs.
25 ft. 1 in.
31 ft. 8 in.
218 mph
290 mph
2,000 fpm
22,000 feet
1,500 miles

Only one Howard DGA-6 (DGA = Darn Good Aircraft) Mr. Mulligan racer was built. It became the only aircraft in history to win both the Bendix long distance air race and the Thompson closed course race during the same year - 1935.

The sole purpose of the Mr. Mulligan aircraft was to win long distance races. Howard named the aircraft the same way he did the other DGA aircraft he produced. He just picked a name that he felt suited the looks of the aircraft.

Although the Mr. Mulligan was unusual for an air racer of its day, it was of fairly conventional design.

Rather than flying at higher speeds, the aircraft was made to fly above the weather and to carry enough fuel to complete the race with less stops. This necessitated a larger and somewhat more bulky looking design than what was commonly seen at air races of the day.

It was thought that not stopping as often for fuel would make up for its slower top speed. And the strategy worked, but just barely. Howard's Mr. Mulligan aircraft won the Bendix race with only a few seconds advantage over the number two aircraft.

The sheer power of the aircraft along with its clean aerodynamic design, plus some luck, helped it win the Thompson race. The aircraft leading the race developed engine trouble just one lap before its finish, enabling the Mr. Mulligan to pass it and win the race.

The Mr. Mulligan would only complete one racing season, during 1935. It was destroyed in a crash early during its first race the following year.

RC Mr. Mulligan
RC Mr. Mulligan - Pat's Custom Models

In the picture just above is the rc Mr. Mulligan built from plans from Pat's Custom Models. It has a 45 1/2" wingspan and a weight of about 1 lb. 2 oz. A Speed 280 type motor, geared 4:1 is recommended for power.

The first picture below is the great looking rc Mr. Mulligan conversion from a Sig C/L model. It was done by Steve, who goes by Mlbco on RC Groups. Its wingspan is 20" and power comes from a E-tec 250 motor. Weight is about 4 oz.

Pictured second below is the rc Mr. Mulligan from Thunder Tiger. The foamy ARF has a 39" wingspan and a 26 1/2" length. Included with the scale model airplane is a Speed 370 type motor. Weight is around 1 lb.

The third picture down is of the nice looking rc Mr. Mulligan built from a Bud Nosen kit. Although no longer produced, the kits are often seen on eBay. Wingspan is 108", and length is 71". Engines can be a Moki 1.8 or similar. Weight is around 14 1/2 lbs. If you know the name of the person in the picture, please advise us so we can give him proper credit.

Iknon N'wst has a rc Mr. Mulligan with a 95" wingspan and 75" length. Weight is around 19 lbs. This is another kit that is no longer produced, but often found on eBay.

Uncle Willies has plans for sale for a C/L model that can be converted to a rc Mr. Mulligan. Wingspan is 52" and length is 40". It needs a .60 2C engine for power.

The AMA has plans for a rc Mr. Mulligan from a MAN April 1970 issue. Its wingspan is 43". The plan is no. 29460.

The next picture below is of the rc Mr. Mulligan from Rough and Ready Aviation. Its has a 24" wingspan and 17.5" length, with a weight of about 4 oz. Construction materials used in the Mr. Mulligan are Depron and balsa. A 10 g. brushless motor is recommended for power.

We would like to thank Frank Schrank who alerted us to the rc Mr. Mulligan from Great Planes ElectriFly pictured last below. Its wingspan is 52 1/2" length is 41 1/2" and weight around 6 lbs. You will need a brushless electric motor with the equivalent of a .30 two stroke engine for power.

RC Mr. Mulligan
RC Mr. Mulligan - Sig

RC Mr. Mulligan
RC Mr. Mulligan - Thunder Tiger.

RC Mr. Mulligan
RC Mr. Mulligan - Bud Nosen

RC Mr. Mulligan
RC Mr. Mulligan - Rough and Ready

RC Mr. Mulligan
RC Mr. Mulligan - Great Planes.

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