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Ju 52
Junkers Ju 52
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    Primary Function:
    Engine type:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Fuel Capacity:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year deployed:
BMW radials
3 x 715 hp ea.
14,325 lbs.
20,270 lbs.
3,924 lbs.
18 troops
62 ft/
95 ft. 10 in.
132 mph
165 mph
600 fpm
18,000 feet
540 miles

The original Junkers Ju 52 had a single engine in its nose. When performance of the prototype proved marginal, engines were added to each wing, while keeping the engine in the nose.

The aircraft quickly became known for their reliability, simplicity, ruggedness, and ease of maintenance. They could operate out of unimproved, short air strips, inaccessible to other cargo aircraft.

Ju 52 aircraft first flew as transports and postal carriers for a dozen countries around the world including Germany, Finland, and Canada. In addition to its wheeled landing gear, it also could be equipped with pontoon floats for water operations, or with skis for landing on snow and ice.

As with most German war machines that were used during early World War II, the Ju 52 was flown as a military version during the Spanish Civil War. There it served as a troop transport and a bomber.

During World War II the aircraft became the main German transport. It served primarily as a troop transport and cargo carrier.  Other missions included bombing, parachuting troops, and medical transportation.

Pontoon equipped Ju 52 aircraft were used to sweep mines.

The Junkers Ju 52 was the preferred air transport of Adolf Hitler, his staff, and high ranking German officials.

The slow flying Ju 52 was vulnerable to attack from the ground and air. It had especially heavy losses on the Russian front, while trying to fly supplies to German troops.

After the War, the Ju 52 continued flying in both military aviation and for airlines until about 1989.

In addition to Germany, the aircraft were produced in France, Hungary, and Spain. It is estimated that total of over 5,000 Junkers Ju 52 aircraft of all types were produced.

Today a restored Ju 52 continues to offer flights for tourists from cities throughout Germany. The Confederate Air Force flies a restored Ju 52 at shows throughout the United States.

Ju 52
FMBB rc Junkers Ju 52.

Pictured above and in the first picture below is the giant scale rc Junkers Ju 52 for sale by Flugmodellbau Barth (FMBB).  Its wingspan is 144", and its length is 93".  Power can come from .60 to .89 engines.

In the second picture below is the 64" wingspan rc Junkers Ju-52 built by Robert Stinson from a VMAR kit. It is powered by Rimfire motors and weighs around 4 lbs.

The bottom picture on this page is of the rc Junkers Ju 52 scratch built by Philipp Gardemin. The giant scale model has a wing span of 191" and an all up weight of around 43 1/2 lbs. It is powered by three Torchman 350/28-22 motors.

Graupner has a rc Junkers Ju-52 park flyer ARF. Its wingspan is 29 1/2" and length is 19". Weight is just 6 oz.

Kit Cutters has kits or plans for sale for the rc Junkers Ju 52 from Frank Roales plans for sale. It has a wingspan of 84" and uses three .020 engines.

Kit Cutters has a larger rc Junkers Ju-52 from Frank Roales plans for sale. It has a 96" wingspan and can fly on one .61 or two .049 engines.

Ju 52
A Flugmodellbau Barth rc Junkers Ju 52.

Ju 52
RC Junkers Ju 52 built by Robert Stinson.

Ju 52
Philip Gardemin and his rc Junkers Ju 52.

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