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Ju88 A4 Specifications
    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Machine Guns:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
multirole attack
Jumo 211-J1
2 x 1,340 hp ea.
46 ft. 1 in.
65 ft. 10 in.
21,040 lbs.
30,800 lbs.
7 - 7.92 mm
7,900 lbs.
225 mph
270 mph
1,300 fpm
27,000 feet
1,700 miles

Junkers Ju88
Junkers Ju88
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The Junkers Ju88 was deployed by the Luftwaffe from the beginning to the end of World War II. It was a multirole attack aircraft adaptable to many missions, developed from a bomber.

Junkers Ju88 origins trace back to early 1936 when the Reichs Luft Ministerium (RLM) German Air Ministry called for a fast twin engine bomber capable of carrying over 1,100 lbs. or ordnance. The Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke design was the Junkers Ju88. Two U.S. employees of Junkers, hired for their knowledge of stressed skin construction, were the primary designers of the aircraft.

Construction of the prototype aircraft began in May of 1936. Its first flight was on December 21, 1936, just seven months later. Four additional prototypes were produced, with the last breaking numerous speed records during 1937.

The German Air Ministry then changed specifications to include dive bombing, a larger payload, and increased range. The Junkers Ju88 model 6 was produced to meet the specifications, and took to the sky on June 18, 1938. In December of 1938 the RLM chose the aircraft for the Luftwaffe.

It was in 1939 when the first Junkers Ju88 aircraft were deployed to front line units. The aircraft had an immediate positive impact on Luftwaffe bombing forces. It carried a heavier payload and was faster than its predecessors.

While fast, maneuverable, and strong, the Junkers Ju88 did not do well in the Battle of Britain. Although armed with seven machine guns, these were just not sufficient to defend against faster British fighter aircraft. All forward firing machine guns, except that operated by the pilot, had to be operated by the flight engineer. It was necessary to go from one machine gun to another to fire at the attacking British aircraft. On later models, additional machine guns and more armour were added to protect the crew. However, these additions made little difference.

A number of Junkers Ju88 aircraft were produced with longer wings to enable them to carry up to 6,600 lbs. of ordnance. Despite the heavier loads, the aircraft were able to operate out of roughly paved front-line airfields.

The Junkers Ju88 was used for more diverse missions than any other Luftwaffe bomber of the Second World War. Seventeen versions were produced including medium bomber, dive bomber, reconnaissance aircraft, night fighter, and torpedo bomber.

Junkers Ju-88
Junkers Ju-88 Mistel

One version of the Junkers Ju88 was produced as a flying bomb, called the Mistel. A fighter aircraft was mounted on top of the unmanned bomber. The combination was then flown to a target, where the fighter released the bomber that was filled with explosives towards the target. The fighter then returned to its airfield. The combined aircraft usually employed older Junkers Ju88 bombers and fighters. A total of some eighty such aircraft were produced, but relatively few missions were flown. They did not prove very effective.

A total of 14,676 Junkers Ju88 aircraft of all types were produced before the War ended.

Junkers Ju88
Junkers Ju88 built by Ty Brown.

Pictured above and immediately below is the nice looking 1/6 scale rc Junkers Ju88 scratch built by Ty Brown. It has a wingspan of 128". Ty uses Robart retracts to handle the landing gear of his scale model radio control airplane. Power is from two G-38 engines. All up weight is 45 lbs.

The second picture below is of a rc Junkers Ju88 built by Remy Haines, Sr. It is was built from Cleveland Models plans. Unfortunately we do not have its specifications.

The last picture below is of the rc Junkers Ju88 built from a Warbird Kits short kit by Dave Ottney. It has a 50" wingspan and a length of 36". Construction is all balsa. It is propelled by two BP21 motors.

Dave reports that his rc Junkers Ju88 flies very well. It hand launches very easily and flight is straight and smooth. The motors provide more than adequate power. Flying is usually from 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. Loops and rolls, although not scale-like, are fun and easy to perform. Stall recovery is easy when the elevator is neutralized and power is applied. Landings are accomplished with a bit of speed to keep the controls responsive. They are easy. The Junkers Ju88 even handles gusts of wind up to about 15 mph with ease. All in all, this is a great radio control airplane!

Thank you very much for your Junkers Ju88 report, Dave.

Junkers Ju88
Ty Brown poses with his Junkers Ju88.

Junkers Ju88
Junkers Ju88 built by Remy Haines, Sr.

Junkers Ju88
Junkers Ju88 from Warbird Kits

Cleveland Model has plans of the rc Junkers Ju88 for sale. They have wingspans of 25.5", 34", 51", 68", 102", 136", and 204".

Precision Cut Kits has the Don Smith Plans for a rc Junkers Ju88. It has a wingspan of 116" and a length of 85". If you want more than plans, Precision Cut Kits also has a short or full kit.

CD-Scaledesigns has a giant scale Junkers Ju88 as a short kit. It builds to a 121" wingspan and uses 1.20 4 cycle engine power. Plans are available separately.

Flying Styro has a Junkers Ju88 in a kit. It has a 47" wingspan with a length of 36 1/2" and a weight of around 31 oz. It needs a pair of 100 Watt brushless motors for power.

FSK Warbirds has a Junkers Ju88 kit that builds to a 47" wingspan.

You can find Junkers Ju88 plans on eBay. Wing span is 72".

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