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Kamov Ka-27

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    Primary Function:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:

one to three
Istov TV3-117VK
2 x 2,225 h.p. ea.
37 ft. 1 in.
17 ft. 8 in.
51 ft. 2 in.
14,300 lbs.
26,400 lbs.
126 mph
164 mph
2,400 fpm
14,100 feet
500 miles

The co-axial rotor system of the Kamov Ka-27 series of helicopters enables the elimination of the tail rotor along with shorter rotor blades. This makes the helicopters suitable for shipboard use, where space may be at a premium.

The Kamov Ka-27 series helicopters are used on numerous Russian navy vessels in the roles of surface vessel attack, electronic warfare, search and rescue, assault transport, aircraft carrier heli life guard, and submarine search and destroy.

The helicopter is used by India and Yugoslavia as an amphibious landing craft during naval operations. In this role it is armed with a machine gun and has wings which carry rockets.

In civil aviation the Kamov Ka-27 is used by the Russian airline Aeroflot for passenger transport and cargo hauling. In New Zealand  it is used in logging operations.  It can carry up to 8,800 lbs. of cargo in its hold or 11,000 lbs. of cargo on its cargo hook.

For antisubmarine operations, the helicopter is equipped with a nose mounted search radar, dipping sonar, and sonar buoys. Search and rescue aircraft have a rescue winch and searchlights in place of sonar.

The Naval assault version of the Kamov Ka-27 carries a crew of three who sit beside one another in a wide cockpit. The fuselage glass has been made to withstand small arms fire, and the areas around the cockpit and motors are armor plated.

Rather than a sliding cabin door, the door is hinged to allow for quick deployment of up to 16 combat equipped troops. Fuselage pylons hold guns, rockets, or guided missiles. Avionics include the addition of low light TV sensors, millimetric and FLIR aiming systems. A 12.7 mm four barrel machine gun and 30 mm cannon are housed in the helicopter's nose. For defensive measures the aircraft carries chaff and flare launchers.

Approximately 400 Kamov Ka-27 helicopters and their variants have been produced, many of which are still in use around the world.

Kamov Ka-27
Kamov Ka-27

Pictured right above is the Kamov Ka-27 for sale from Raptorblade.com. Its body is for E-flite Blade CX mechanics and comes in white styrene or clear plastic. Weight is around 10 oz.

In the first photo below is the great looking Kamov Ka-27 built by Simon Fuchs from a Raptorblade.com kit.

The second photo below is the Kamov Ka-27 in civilian colors, also built from a Raptorblade kit.

The next photo is of a Kamov Ka-27. The helicopter was built by Tobu who can be found in RC Groups. Construction is from paper, ply and Depron to fit Walkeria mechanics.

The bottom photo is of Matthias Gumbel's Kamov Ka-27 in a bright color scheme. It is from a kit sold by Raptorblade.

Kamov Ka-27
Kamov Ka-27 by Simon Fuchs

Kamov Ka-27
Kamov Ka-27 in civilian color scheme

Kamov Ka-27
Kamov Ka-27 by Tobu

Kamov Ka-27
Kamov Ka-27 by Gumbel

Pilots report that the Kamov Ka-27 by Raptorblade is a terrific first scale model because it is so easy to fly. The recommended mechanics use small ultra light weight servos that provide full control. An included gyro will keep the helicopter going exactly where pointed, yet makes the Kamov Ka-27 easier to fly for the advanced pilot.

Depron Dave of RC Groups posted pictures and a video of his Kamov Ka-27.

At RC Universe mydartswinger mentions the Kamov Ka-27 in a posting.

MRCAB of YouTube posted a video of his Kamov Ka-27.

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