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MQ 9 Reaper RC
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    Primary Function:
    US$ Cost
    Flight Cost
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Hard Points:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
US$17 million
US$4,762 per hour
Honeywell turboprop
900 h.p.
4,900 lbs.
10,500 lbs.
36 ft. 1 in.
65 ft. 7 in.
195 mph
300 mph
n/a fpm
50,000 feet
40 hours

MQ 9 Reaper RC
MQ 9 Reaper RC

The MQ 9 Reaper rc from Hobby King has a 99' wingspan and is 43" long. It has a glass fibre fuselage and includes working flaps. Your 40 mm electric motor is needed to power its pusher prop. Weight is around 6 lbs.

MQ 9 Reaper rc aircraft (previously RQ 1) are essentially giant radio control pusher prop airplanes. They are built by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems.

MQ 9 Reaper RC
MQ 9 Reaper RC

Shown immediately above is the MQ 9 Reaper rc from NitroPlanes.  It has a wingspan of 63" and a fuselage that is 35 1/2" long.  Included is a brushless pusher motor.  Weight is about 19 oz. The rc model comes in three color schemes.

MQ stands for multi role/unmanned and RQ stands for reconnaissance/ unmanned.

MQ 9 Reaper RC

Pictured immediately above and below are of the MQ 9 Reaper rc by Art Tech. It has a wingspan of 63".  Recommended power is a 400 type brushless outrunner pusher motor.

Reaper and Predator aircraft have been used for attack as well as reconnaissance since they were deployed in 1995.

MQ 9 Reaper RC

Not only are MQ 9 Reaper rc aircraft equipped with cameras and ground tracking radar, they have hard points under each wing from which to mount air to air or air to surface missiles.

MQ 9 Reaper RC

Unlike most radio control airplanes, a typical unit consisting of four MQ 9 Reaper rc aircraft needs a large support system in order to perform its missions. This includes navigation plus up links through satellites, and control from a ground center. In all a total of fifty five personnel are assigned to a unit.

The MQ 9 Reaper rc built from a kit from Littlebirdz has a wingspan of 63" and a length of 35".  Building materials used are balsa and plywood. The recommended motor is a GWS EPS350C-D.

The concept for the MQ 9 Reaper rc originated in 1980. Refinements of drone aircraft technology and quieter engine engineering resulted in the aircraft taking to the sky on December 15, 1993. Since then the aircraft have seen action over Afghanistan, the Balkans, Iraq, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Sapac has a ready to fly MQ 9 Reaper rc that comes RTF.  Wingspan is 53" and length is 30".  Included with it is a 290ED motor, controller, four channel radio, servos, motor battery and charger.

It is estimated that over 100 MQ 9 Reaper rc aircraft have been produced to date.

Fly Zone has a ready to fly MQ 9 Reaper rc.  It has a wingspan of 38 3/4" and a length of 21 1/2".  Included are a 130 motor geared 4:1, three channel radio, electronic speed controller, flight battery and charger.

Starwei Aero Model has the MQ 9 Reaper rc as almost ready to fly. Its construction is from balsa and plywood with a 63" wingspan and a 35 1/2" length. It needs a Speed 400 type motor for power. Weight is about 18 oz.

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