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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
P&W R-4360-4
3,000 h.p.
14,500 lbs.
23,400 lbs.
12,650 lbs.
4 x 20 mm
41 ft. 2 in.
50 ft.
365 mph
2,750 fpm
30,000 feet
1,800 miles

The concept for the Martin Mauler originated in 1943. Based on combat experience, the U.S. Navy requested a carrier based aircraft that could be used both as a conventional bomber and a torpedo bomber. It was to have fighter plane-like speed and a crew of one pilot. For reliability and simplicity of design it would carry its ordnance externally.

The aircraft that Martin proposed was designed around the most powerful piston engine of its time, a radial that produced some 3,000 h.p.

Due to its size a hydraulic system needed to be developed to control the Martin Mauler. This delayed its production. A prototype aircraft took to the sky in August of 1944, but development problems delayed its deployment until well after the end of World War II.

The Martin Mauler had an ordnance capacity greater than any other single engine aircraft of its time. However, high torque pull from the engine made it particularly unsuitable for aircraft carrier take offs and landings. Higher than anticipated maintenance and reliability problems also surfaced during the deployment of the aircraft.

The Martin Mauler became operational with the U.S. Navy in March of 1948 and served on active duty through 1950. The Naval reserve flew the aircraft into 1953.

A total of 151 Martin AM-1 Mauler aircraft of all types were produced.

Martin Mauler
The Martin Mauler from Huayu Hobby.

Although not a well known aircraft, there are some sources available to people who wish to have a Martin Mauler.

The picture above is of the Martin Mauler from Huayu Hobby.  The all balsa model has a wingspan of 71" with a length of 57". It needs a 26 cc gas engine for power.

Pictured immediately below is the ARF Fly Boys Martin Mauler.  Wingspan is 58" and length is 47". It comes with retracts and working landing lights. Recommended power is a .61 to .75 two stroke or .91 four stroke engine.

The picture next below is the Martin Mauler from Easy Tiger Models.  It has a 71" wing span with a fiberglass fuselage and balsa built up wings.  The model includes retracts.  A 1.20 engine is needed for power.

Pictured on the bottom of this page is Hellcat of RC Groups with his Martin Mauler.  It has a wingspan of 69", weighs about 12 lbs. and is powered by a .90 OS FS engine.  The model was built from Claude McCulloch plans.

The AMA Plans Service has two sets of plans for the Martin Mauler.  Both have wingspans of 37" and are originally intended for c/l flying, but are easily converted to radio control.  Plan numbers are 29205 and 15341.

We saw a c/l kit from J.M. Roberts for a Martin Mauler for sale at RC Universe. It had a 37 1/2" wingspan.

Brodak has a c/l kit for sale for a Martin Mauler. It is made from balsa and ply with a 46" wingspan and a 33 1/2" length. Power may come from .28 - .40 2C engines.

Martin Mauler
Fly Boys Martin Mauler.

Martin Mauler
Easy Tiger Martin Mauler.

Martin Mauler
Hellcat of RC Groups and his Martin Mauler.

Benjamin Watson built a Martin Mauler. Its construction is balsa and plywood. It has a wingspan of 60" and a length of 48". Power comes from a O.S. FS .91 engine.

Harrold Dawson has a Martin Mauler. It is built from EPP and has a wingspan of 36" and a length of 20". It is powered by a GWS geared motor. Weight is about 20 oz.

Tony Wing scratch built his own Martin Mauler. Its wingspan is 81" and length is 67". Tony powers his airplane with a 30 cc engine. Weight is about 20 lbs.

Ping Tang Toys, China, has a two channel Martin Mauler that comes ready to fly. No wingspan, length, weight, or type of power is given. Controls shown are up, down, right, left.

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