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    Primary Function:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
RR 250-C20RS
450 s.h.p.
25 ft. 6 in.
9 ft. 10 in.
27 ft. 3 in.
1,585 lbs.
3,350 lbs.
154 mph
175 mph
1,775 fpm
20,000 feet
256 miles

MD 520N

The MD520N, produced by McDonnell Douglas, is probably best known for its lack of a tail rotor that results in its being among the world's quietest production helicopters. It is a turbine powered, five blade rotor, light helicopter that provides zippy operation. It is used by the police for observation, crowd handling, search and rescue. and as a medical transport by hospitals. The helicopter has also been used by various wildlife operations for surveying, look out, rules enforcement, and blaze fighting.

Thanks to ample glass around the cockpit, the crew of the MD 520N can see well in all forward directions around the aircraft. Law enforcement models have a searchlight mounted under the mid fuselage as standard equipment. Some are even equipped with a cable cutter under the cockpit for added safety while flying at rooftop levels. The helicopter comes equipped with skids, but wheels and pontoons can be added for better ground handling or water landings.

The MD520N does away with the long drive shaft, bearings, and angled gear box of a tail rotor and replaces them with a fan inside the tail boom. Air from the fan comes out through two slots running all along the tail boom on its right side. The high volume, low pressure air works in conjunction with the rotor downwash to provide over half of the helicopter's directional thrust, keeping it moving in a straight line. A moving nozzle in the rear of the tail boom provides the remainder of the torque control, plus full directional control. The system is known as "NOTAR", a name copyrighted by the manufacturer. It stands for no tail rotor.

A total of some 240 MD520N helicopters have been produced.

MD520N - E-flite

The MD520N Blade CX3 RTF by E-Flite has a length of 16 1/2" and rotor diameter of 13 1/2". Included are two 180 motors, 2.4 GHz radio, flight battery, and charger.


The MD520N Blade CX3 BNF ARF from E-Flite is the same as above but without a radio.

MD520N - Vario

The MD520N for sale from Vario for Pahl GPH 70 turbine power features a 23 piece fuselage kit. It has a length of 71 3/4", a width of 18 1/2" and a rotor diameter of 76". The turbine provides air for the servo actuated tail nozzle.

MD520N - Sky Fox

The MD520N fuselage kit from Vario for Sky Fox mechanics has 16 pieces, is 55" long, 10 1/2" wide, is made for a 59" diameter rotor with a O.S. 70 engine. The engine drives a fan that provides air for the tail nozzle.

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