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NH 90 Helicopter

NH 90 Helicopter

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    Euro$ Cost:
    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Fuel Capacity:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Cruise Speed:
    Maximum Speed:
    Initial Climb Rate:
    Hover Ceiling:
    Ferry Range:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
RR RTM322-01/9
2 x 2,230 shp ea.
14,110 lbs.
23,370 lbs.
4,488 lbs.
20 troops
9,260 lbs.
52 ft. 11 in.
17 ft. 2 in.
53 ft. 6 in.
161 mph
187 mph
2,200 fpm
10,500 feet
995 miles

The NH 90 helicopter from NH Industries was conceived in the mid 1980's. A collaboration of European manufacturers from Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal would produce a helicopter for use by NATO countries. Great Britain dropped out of the agreement.

The NH 90 helicopter has fly by wire controls. The main rotor hub is composed of titanium. It supports a four main blade rotor made of composites. These use an advanced airfoil shape to lessen drag. The cabin of the NH90 is said to be the largest in its class. There is a rear cargo ramp. The landing gear is retractable.

The NH 90 helicopter is equipped to fly safely at very low levels, using ground terrain to prevent radar detection. Its flight systems have multiple redundancy, the cockpit armored, and it is built to produce minimal infra red and radar signatures. Its rotor gears are capable of operating without oil for about 1/2 hour without damage.

The NH 90 helicopter is produced in two versions, the TTH - Tactical Transport Helicopter, and NFH - NATO Frigate Helicopter.

The airframe of the NH 90 helicopter model TTH is optimized for nuclear, biological and, chemical protection. It is equipped with a rescue hoist, wire strike protection system, forward looking infrared radar, weather radar, a cable cutter, cargo hook, an external cargo carrier, chaff and flare dispensers. There are provisions for two door mounted machine guns.

The NH 90 TTH has three primary functions. The transportation of up to 20 combat soldiers, the transportation of cargo, and S & R over all terrains and water. The helicopter can also be equipped with electronic counter measure equipment, used for command and control, support anti terror operations, conduct aerial assault by paratroopers, and engage in casualty evacuation and transportation.

In addition to the equipment of the TTH, the NH 90 NFH navalized helicopter has folding rotor blades and tail rotors, an electronic warfare support suite, tactical radar, beyond visual range targeting, a data uplink system, a sonar system, sonar buoys, missiles, torpedoes, emergency flotation, and a deck locking system.

The NH 90 helicopter model NFH is designed to operate from naval vessels night or day, in all weather, against enemy submarines and surface vessels. It is equipped to find, identify, and pursue maritime targets, striking them with missiles and torpedoes. It can also be used for medical transport, marine observation, reconnaissance, and transportation of cargo and troops.

Over 600 NH 90 helicopter models of all types have been delivered to countries around the world, primarily to Australia, France, Germany, and Italy.

NH 90 helicopter
NH 90 helicopter built by Antony Parkinson.

We received the following email and above photo from Antony Parkinson:
"My favourite NH 90 helicopter:
1 to 8.7 scale scratch built and painted in New Zealand Air Force colours NZ 1301 -
Length: 1.86m (73")
Width:   440mm (17 1/2")
Height:  550mm (21 1/2")
Vario petrol mechanics with torque tube tail drive and angled tail gearbox. Four blade flybarless rotor head and four blade tail." That's a great looking NH 90 helicopter, Antony. Thank you for sharing it with us.

NH 90 helicopter
NH 90 helicopter in USCG colors.

The photos above and below are of the NH 90 helicopter from Graupner for Uni-Mechanics 2000 and a OS MAX .91 engine. It has a 71" rotor, is 69 1/2" long, 19 1/2" high, and 16 1/2" wide.  Weight is about 17 1/2 lbs.

The second picture below is of the NH 90 helicopter from Graupner for JetCat turbine power. Its dimensions are the same as the engine powered model above, except its weight is about 25 lbs.

The bottom picture on this page is of the micro size NH 90 helicopter from Graupner with co axial rotors. It has a 13" rotor, a length of 14", is 7" high, and 4" wide. Weight is about 8 oz.

If you have a favorite rc NH90 helicopter, or know of one for sale, please email us.

NH 90 helicopter
NH 90 helicopter with pilot.

NH 90 helicopter
NH 90 helicopter - turbine powered.

NH 90 helicopter
NH 90 helicopter by Graupner.